Tell FedEx to stop shipping shark fins


Sharks are in big trouble. 100 million a year are being killed by humans, largely for shark fin soup. But a sea change may be coming – just last week, after 178,000 people signed a petition, UPS announced they would no longer ship shark fins.

Even though many species of sharks are endangered and should be protected by international laws, fins are hard to identify, so illegal fishing continues to threaten these ancient marine predators.  That’s why it’s important to put pressure on every step in the global shark fin trade.

Let’s keep pushing to save sharks. If UPS can do the right thing, so can FedEx. The corporation is a global leader in shipping, so if they take this step, we’ll have largely cut off an important avenue for fins to make it to the markets that make shark finning lucrative.

Urge FedEx to take this important step for sharks today – sign the petition here.

Team Scubaverse

Team Scubaverse

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