Technical Scuba Diving: 5 Signs You’re Good To Start. Part 2 of 2 (Watch Video)


Next in the series of weekly videos from Divers Ready!

Are you ready to take your scuba diving to the technical level? When should you start technical diver training? How do you become a Tec diver?

As promised, here is part 2 of our mini-series looking at Technical Diving… the deeper, more advanced sub-discipline of scuba diving.

Want to know which questions you should ask your potential Tec Instructor? He’s our take:

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Divers Ready

Divers Ready

James is a well-traveled and experienced technical diving Instructor, bringing his world SCUBA perspective to Scubaverse! He’s worked for dive resorts; large dive operators; family-owned dive shops; expedition companies; dive retailers; underwater movie productions; is a public safety diver Instructor; and is the Co-Owner of Miami Technical Diving! James is also the personality and knowledge broker behind 'Divers Ready!' a super influential Scuba Diving YouTube channel, website and brand!

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