Take the Plastic Challenge this June with the Marine Conservation Society


Could you live without single use plastic?

UK households use over 1.5 million tonnes of plastic packaging in a year, but it’s estimated more than two thirds isn’t even recycled.

Our clamour for convenience means we’re becoming totally dependent on single use plastic. And you can see this each time you go to the shops, or to the beach. Pre-boiled eggs in individual plastic containers. Pre-sliced apples in plastic bags. Chopped carrots in plastic tubs. Bottled water. Plastic packed sandwiches…

Will you join the hundreds of people who will try living without single use plastic this June? Can you go for a day, a week, or the whole month?

By taking part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge this June, you’ll become a real talking point among your friends, family and colleagues, who will be fascinated by your quest to go plastic free. It might help them to stop taking plastic for granted; they might think twice about its use and disposal – and who knows, they might even join you!

Will you go plastic free to throw a lifeline to the world’s oceans?

Find out more about the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge here.

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