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Subgear  has the deepest diving Stereo fins in the world. William Winram wore the Carbon S1 for his last stereo fin world record, reaching a depth of 94 meters. Developed in partnership with Trygons and tested by some of the world’s best freedivers, you can expect an unbelievable performance.


Subgear Diver with 1 sharkI adore the finsgreat power, great feel, so light, super comfortable. My dives were far deeper and far longer and the fins literally feel like an amazing natural extension of my legsbut they are almost unnoticable.

 Julie Andersen, Founder & Executive Director, Shark Angels, Freediver and Scuba Diver

What I discovered to be the distinctive feature of the S1 Fins was the very apparent lack of effort required – they were so light on my feet I had to check they were still there more than once! This is a great feature for a freediving fin, the embodiment of maximum propulsion for minimum effort.

Mike Wells, freediving record-holder and freediving training director at SSI

Carbon Fibre Technology – Just like Formula 1

Carbon blades provide the best performance in freediving fins. And Subgear uses the highest available carbon fibre possible, similar to that used in Formula 1 cars and aircraft.

Increased Powerplus Comfort

The transfer of power from the body to the blade is through a single inelastic band. This band directs the energy to where it is needed and nowhere else. The feet are comfortable in the incredibly soft rubber foot pockets and the hydrodynamic shape reduces any resistance, giving them an enormous hydrodynamic advantage over the competition.

Unique Development Technic

Each component – the foot pockets, the blade and the side rails are designed individually so that each single element offers the maximum performance. The result is a push that even the beginner will not fail to notice.

The new soft foot-pocket plays no part in the blade bending. Traditionally, the rigidity of the foot-pocket rail was used to power the blade. These fins were called 100% carbon, where in fact, most of their actual elasticity and firmness originated from the rubber foot-pocket rail.

The rail piece is there only for streamlining the flow and nothing more. As a direct result, the blades are thicker and stiffer than before. The new blades do the work by themselves. Subgear claim that these are the first ever REAL fibre reinforced fins.

Subgear diver with SharksShark Angel and free diver Julie Andersen had a unique and wonderful experience during one of her many freedives with the Carbon fins. Check out “The Black Swan” video here.



Carbon S1: Stereo fins – made with 99% Carbon for an incomparable force and unbeatable performance.

Carbon S2: Stereo fins –made with a combination of carbon and fiberglass for a top quality/price ratio.

Carbon M1: Monofin – a  carbon and fiberglass compound, designed to avoid cramping.

The Carbon Fins are available from all authorised Subgear dealers. RRP S1 Stereo £369, S2 Eco Stereo £199, M1 Mono £269, Stream Pro £65. The M1 Mono will be available later in the year.

Shark Images: Annette Robertson

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dive equipment

dive equipmentSCUBAPRO launches an exclusive offer of its EVERFLEX YULEX® DIVE steamer, the modern plant-based generation of diving suits made from FSC-certified natural rubber. Besides this innovative material the advantages of an EVERFLEX YULEX® DIVE suit are fewer seams, panels for a better fit, unrestricted range of motion and the Blue Diamond Span inner fleece lining for maximum thermal protection. This makes the EVERFLEX YULEX® DIVE not only incredibly comfortable, but also a further step towards protecting our ocean.

dive equipmentWith the SCUBAPRO SUMMER PROMOTION 2024, every diver can support this goal and benefit at the same time, because SCUBAPRO is offering two great benefits with the purchase of a 5 or 7.5 mm EVERFLEX YULEX® DIVE:

  • 20 % off the MSRP price
  • A free accessory Set, including
    EVERFLEX 5/3 hood,
    a pair EVERFLEX 5.0 Arch Boots and
    a pair EVERFLEX 5 gloves.

dive equipmentSCUBAPRO is continuously working on further steps to protect the oceans, such as reusable packaging for all products, the use of recycled materials, and the improvement of manufacturing conditions and shipping routes. Be a part of this movement!

All information about the SCUBAPRO EVERFLEX YULEX® DIVE Summer Promotion 2024:

dive equipment

Promotion valid until 27.09.2024 at participating SCUBAPRO dealers and regions while stocks last.

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Gear News

Dive into Colour with Scubapro: New gear in eye-catching colours



SCUBAPRO launches the GHOST, STEEL COMP, STEEL PRO masks and the ESCAPE snorkel in new colours

Diving equipment is black – that used to be the case. Whether for identification, individualization or simply because it looks good – coloured equipment has become an integral part of the diving sector.

SCUBAPRO started using coloured accents many years ago – with success! Starting with the signature Hydros PRO and Seawing Nova, a range of coloured masks, snorkels and fins followed, and recently the interchangeable Supernova Blades, Scuba Skegs and various other accessories were launched in colour.

Now SCUBAPRO is expanding the colour range in 3 mask models and a snorkel to include turquoise, pink, orange, yellow and blue, in addition to the standard black and white.

Freedivers and scuba divers can now choose the STEEL COMP, STEEL PRO and GHOST masks in 7 colours and the ESCAPE snorkel in 8 colours. Whether colour blocking or tone-in-tone – there are no longer any limits to individual colour creations.

Discover coloured dive equipment here!



STEEL COMP Ultra Clear Glass, Comfort Strap compatible

GBP 60.00

STEEL PRO Ultra Clear Glass, Comfort Strap compatible

GBP 60.00

GHOST Ultra Clear Glass, Comfort Strap compatible

GBP 55.00

ESCAPE Snorkel

GBP 29.00

For more information about Scubapro products, visit

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