Spoilsport Angels… ladies flexing their air tanks!


This week saw our Spoilsport crew have an unusually high number of females onboard.  An impressive line-up of X chromosome humans wowed our passengers with their excellent skills and feminine demeanour; we felt it was appropriate to celebrate!

In what has been a male dominated industry, our Spoilsport Angels (Spoilettes) shine like a beacon.  Our hand-picked staff join forces to be a unit greater than the sum of their parts, like a well-oiled machine fitted with compassionate and maternal upgrade buttons.

Many of you will know these amazing ladies and experienced their expertise first-hand; we would love to hear from you if you have some praise for these wonderful women.

Pictured Left to Right are: Julia Sumerling (Photo/Video Pro), Kira Stone (Hostess), Marzia Kravos (Dive Instructor), Shikeera Wagner (Dive Instructor), Kristy O’Neill (Trip Director), Katie Tyrer (Chef) and Patcy Baran (Dive Instructor).

Find out more at www.mikeball.com.

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions operates exciting scuba diving expeditions on custom-built, award-winning liveaboard Spoilsport, to some of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Enjoy spectacular biodiversity on the northern Great Barrier Reef including the world famous Cod Hole, or venture out into the remote Coral Sea for exciting big fish action, shark encounters and excellent visibility. Find out more at www.mikeball.com.

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