Snorkellers need not join the dive boat


With the recent launch of a dedicated snorkel travel company, snorkelers no longer need to join the dive boat to reach top destinations around the world. Bristol based Snorkel Venture was recently launched to cater exclusively for the snorkelling market with a range of group tours guide led by a member of their team.

Often a bug bear of snorkelers is that they are all too often paired with divers on the dive boat and taken to sites which just aren’t suitable, only to be called back after just over an hour when the dive finishes.

Snorkel Venture are seeking to satisfy the unique requirements of snorkelers with a range of small group tours that feature 14-night land-based safaris across Indonesia and the Philippines with topside attractions like orangutans and cultural experiences. In the range are exclusive liveaboard charters to destinations like Palau, Cuba and Belize as well as resort ‘snorkel weeks’ in Wakatobi and Komodo.

Co- Founder Ben Stokes, also owner of travel company Dive Safari Asia, spent many years speaking to snorkellers in dive resorts and listening to their grievances.

‘Most of the snorkellers I meet just don’t feel like they are being well looked after in dive resorts, they feel like they are treated 2nd class to divers. With Snorkel Venture we wanted to offer them a place to go – both in terms of where they stay and how they enjoy their passion, but also with the support of a travel company’.

As snorkelling grows in popularity, fuelled by the development of equipment including the full-face mask, a dedicated travel company that specialises in catering exclusively for snorkelers is surely a welcome addition to the sport.

To join Snorkel Venture you can see the full list of tours for 2019 and 2020 here


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