September 2016 Video Contest Winner And Review



Winner: Snoopy’s World by Klemens Gann

Winning Video: 

There were four entries into September’s underwater video contest. Let’s take a look at them:

Diving Cornwall – Tony Reed

Watch Tony’s video here.

Hi Tony. Once again you are certainly going all out on the intro graphics. It worked well, especially with the graphic message that followed. The shots of various animals were all good but I occasionally had to blink at the change in colour balance between a few of them. That is usually correctable in editing but not always possible. Sometimes, even if a shot is good but doesn’t quite fit into a sequence for one reason or another, then it is best left out or used on another occasion.

All in all though a nice film with a great message. You are famous now for your time lapse beginnings but do try to keep the frame size the same as the rest of the film.

Snoopy’s World – Klemens Gann

Watch Klemens’ video here.

As well as being a fun video to watch, it was also beautifully shot with some very creative lighting. The camera work was excellent with sharp steady images all well exposed. Music choice was good and I didn’t miss narration at all as the film was totally self-explanatory. You captured some great behaviour and edited it all together into one fluid video.

‘Grey Nurse Shark Taking a Nap’ – A.J. O’Rourke

Watch A.J.’s video here.

Nice. Very simple very interesting. It was good that you didn’t try to do anything clever with it as you may well have spooked the shark. Great behaviour and well shot.

Under Forbidden Seas – Kiril Ivanov

Watch Kiril’s video here.

One of my favourite animals to dive with. Totally charismatic and you captured them really well. Nicely edited too with some thought going towards continuity of seal action. Music fitted well and the overall video was just the right length. It may have just been the transfer quality onto the web that was poor but it seemed that the overall colour was changing slightly through the video, so have a look at colour balance if you can in both your camera and the edit software. Great film though.


For pure quality of the material and the excellent way it was shot I have to go for Snoopy’s World by Klemens Gann.’s October 2016 Video Contest is now open! Enter here.

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