Everything you need to know about your Scuba Mask, Part 1: Selecting your Scuba Mask for a perfect fit


Three Keys to Perfect Mask Fit

Three simple steps can help you make sure the mask you may think you want is, in fact, a mask that fits properly. These are:

  • Strap off
  • Look up
  • Inhale

Let’s take a look at what we mean by this.

Strap off

Before trying on a mask, either remove the strap entirely or place it in front of the lens, out of the way. The strap has little bearing on how well the right mask will fit. If you can get the mask to stay in place without relying on the strap, you know the fit is right.

Look up

With the strap out of the way, look up. Pull any hair that may be hanging down out of the way. Place the mask in position. It should rest comfortably and evenly all around. If the mask frame is touching or putting pressure on the bridge of your nose, you will know before going any further that it is not the right mask for you.



With the mask in position, inhale gently, and then hold your breath. The mask should stay suctioned to your face without you holding it there. Shake your head; the mask should still stay stuck in place. Only when you exhale should the mask come off.


Fit trumps all other considerations

A mask can easily seduce you with factors ranging from color to style and features. None of these matter, however, unless the mask fits. Don’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Come back tomorrow for New Mask Preparation!

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International Training

International Training

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