SeaLife Advances Sea Dragon Lighting Line with Four New Models


SeaLife have announced their most powerful and advanced underwater lights to date. Featuring compact light heads and high power with long burn time, the four latest Sea Dragon lights also offer superior brightness, wide beam angles, and cutting edge LED technology. The revolutionary new lighting caters to underwater adventurers of all kinds. Underwater photographers and videographers using a wide camera lens (like those on the SeaLife Micro HD or GoPro) will be able to illuminate an entire frame. Divers exploring wrecks and reefs can reveal their surroundings in stunning full color and vibrant detail, day or night.

sealife-sea-dragon-2500-photo-video-dive-light-1-finalNearby divers will take notice when 2500 lumens are unleashed from the flat panel LED of the new Sea Dragon 2500. This light not only shines across an ultra-wide 120-degree beam, but uses flat panel COB LED array technology to mimic natural sunlight. With a Color Rendering Index of 90 (sunlight is 100), the light brings out true color in underwater photos and video that would be impossible to capture with a standard LED light. The Sea Dragon 2500 effectively solves the issue of blue underwater photos and video by giving divers the ability to add light at any depth with portable sunlight. While the lumen output is a true 2500, the burn time at full power is one hour at constant brightness throughout the battery life, making it efficient as well as incredibly bright. With an MSRP of $499.95 the user also receives a Flex-Connect Tray, Grip and fitted case that holds a camera.

sealife-sea-dragon-2100-photo-video-dive-light-1Divers looking for a true all-in-one lighting solution can now rejoice. The most adaptable light available from SeaLife, the new Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam, includes a 2100 lumen, 100-degree flood beam and a concentrated 800 lumen, 15-degree spot beam – all in the same compact light head. The variable power flood beam will greatly brighten underwater surroundings, photos and videos, while the powerful spot beam is ideal for illuminating greater distances and pointing out distant sea creatures. The included 25Wh lithium ion battery delivers a one hour burn time in full power flood mode, and three hours in the 800 lumen spot mode. The one-button operation of the Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam allows for quick and easy cycling of desired output and beam angle with three flood beam strength settings and a full power, 800 lumen spot. Both the Sea Dragon 2500 and 2100 lights include emergency signal modes (1 flash per second and SOS).

sealife-sea-dragon-mini-650F-1A pair of 650 lumen, ergonomic handheld underwater lights round out the release. The Sea Dragon Mini 650 is available in two models. The wide 120-degree flood model is ideal for photos and videos, as well as wide area illumination, and the long reaching 15-degree spot model is perfect for pointing out objects to other divers, penetrating into crevices, or cutting through murky water. While both lights make excellent, high quality handheld dive lights, the real value in these lights is their versatility. Each light is packed with a lanyard, Y-S Mount, Cold Shoe Mount, GoPro Mount and SeaLife AquaPod Pole Mount. These easy-to-connect mounts allow divers to add light to any underwater adventure in any situation. Mount the sleek light to the end of an AquaPod to illuminate close up video of hidden creatures in dark caverns. Attach it directly to a GoPro camera to create the most compact lighting solution for GoPro available. The Sea Dragon Mini 650 features one-button operation and illuminated three-color battery status indicator. A 100-minute, full power burn time is achieved with an optional 18650 2600mAh 3.7v battery, and the included pair of single-use CR123 batteries yield 60 minutes of burn time at full power.

sealife-sea-dragon-batterySea Dragon Lights provide constant brightness up to depletion of battery. In fact, a fully charged lithium ion battery for the Sea Dragon 2500 and 2100 lights provides over a full hour of uninterrupted usage at 100% power.

The Sea Dragon 2500 and 2100 keep the battery compartment completely sealed off from the electronics – meaning an accidental flooding will only damage a battery and not the light itself. The Sea Dragon Mini 650 lights feature a double O-ring seal and single button control, virtually eliminating the possibility of water damage.

SeaLife’s full line of Sea Dragon Lights are available now at SeaLife dealers at the following suggested retail prices:

SL670     Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam (with grip/tray)                 MSRP $499.95

SL6702   Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam (light head only)               MSRP $429.95

SL671     Sea Dragon 2500 (with grip/tray)                                  MSRP $499.95

SL6712   Sea Dragon 2500 (light head only)                                MSRP $429.95

SL989     Sea Dragon Duo 5000 Set (incl. 2x 2500 lights)            MSRP $899.95

SL650     Sea Dragon Mini 650 Flood                                            MSRP $159.95

SL651     Sea Dragon Mini 650 Spot                                             MSRP $159.95


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