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Scubaverse Underwater Photographer Interview: Jacopo Brunetti



In an ongoing series,’s Underwater Photography Editors Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown talk to underwater photographers from around the world that they admire.

This interview is with Jacopo Brunetti from Cabo Shark Dive.

Jacopo Brunetti is the founder of Cabo Shark Dive, the first and only shark diving company in Los Cabos. He is a marine biologist, PADI Scuba Instructor, professional underwater photographer, shark behavioural expert and a big shark addict. For 12 years, Jacopo worked as a biologist, shark dive guide and professional underwater photographer with sharks and large marine animals in South Africa, Egypt, Azores, Hawaii, Mexico, Baja California, Australia & Philippines, collaborating with important institutions such as The Shark Research Lab at The Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology.

Over the years he gained experience and skills in diving and free diving with big marine animals and he developed an efficient chumming technique to attract sharks safely. He learned how to read and observe the behaviour of sharks and will personally take care of you during your shark experience.

N/C: How long have you been running Cabo Shark Dive? How did it start?

JB: I have run Cabo Shark Dive for the past three years. I was so impressed by the huge pelagic life of Baja and thought that the best way to protect this amazing fauna is to share these wonders and inform as many people as possible about the importance of protecting sharks and other top predators to keep the balance of the ocean.

Cabo Shark Dive has a strong ecological objective. We protect the local species of sharks and pelagic predators by offering the safest, closest and most personal underwater interactions. This is the best way to raise awareness of the  conservation of marine environments and encourage more people to love sharks and take part in shark sighting activities. We also promote the development of free diving with sharks as a complementary activity. Shark diving, snorkelling and shark watching are eco-sustainable activities which have no effect on shark populations and other pelagic predators, who are currently in a critical situation. We involve local fisherman in the project, to help the community and nature at the same time. While they work with us they make more money and they don’t kill any fish.

After people have dived with us we as them to do their part, to dispel myths and push shark conservation. Tell others (particularly non-divers) about your experience. Post pictures and videos – focusing on demystifying sharks (not the Jaws type!) Your shark diving experience can really help the ocean.

N/C: Do you get a chance to photograph the sharks yourself?

JB: Yes, I’m the head photographer of Cabo Shark Dive.

N/C: What camera equipment do you use?

JB: Nikon d800 or Canon 5d mk3 in a Nautical housing, fish eye lenses.

N/C: What is your favourite shark?

JB: Mako and Smooth Hammerhead.

N/C: How do you get your best shark photos? Talk us through what you do to get your best shark shots.

JB: I wait, I float at the surface and I let the sharks get close to me. I try to be invisible in the water, making as few vibrations as possible. I try to merge myself with the water, I move slowly, I slow down my heartbeat and I wait in the right place at the right moment, ready with my finger on the trigger for the perfect shot!

For more from Jacopo and Cabo Shark Dive, click on the following links:


Facebook: jacob brunetti

Nick and Caroline (Frogfish Photography) are a married couple of conservation driven underwater photo-journalists and authors. Both have honours degrees from Manchester University, in Environmental Biology and Biology respectively, with Nick being a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a former high school science teacher with a DipEd in Teaching Studies. Caroline has an MSc in Animal Behaviour specializing in Caribbean Ecology. They are multiple award-winning photographers and along with 4 published books, feature regularly in the diving, wildlife and international press They are the Underwater Photography and Deputy Editors at Scubaverse and Dive Travel Adventures. Winners of the Caribbean Tourism Organization Photo-journalist of the Year for a feature on Shark Diving in The Bahamas, and they have been placed in every year they have entered. Nick and Caroline regularly use their free time to visit schools, both in the UK and on their travels, to discuss the important issues of marine conservation, sharks and plastic pollution. They are ambassadors for Sharks4Kids and founders of SeaStraw. They are Dive Ambassadors for The Islands of The Bahamas and are supported by Mares, Paralenz, Nauticam and Olympus. To find out more visit


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PADI makes a splash at Palma International Boat Show



PADI created a buzz at the recent Palma International Boat Show in Mallorca where a real-life PADI branded mermaid engaged exhibitors and guests to showcase their PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Mermaid Courses.

The Palma International Boat Show, a prominent event in the yachting and boating industry, witnessed an impressive gathering of 271 participating companies, alongside a stunning display of 252 boats at sea. Drawing an enthusiastic audience, more than 32,000 people attended the show, setting the stage for PADI to captivate a diverse range of individuals with their mesmerising mermaid concept.

Over the course of two days, the enchanting mermaid made an eye-catching appearance, gracefully circulating among attendees while distributing flyers highlighting the PADI courses. As the summer season approaches, this interactive approach aimed to create awareness and generate interest in PADI’s Open Water Diver and PADI Mermaid courses, inviting water enthusiasts of all ages to explore the wonders of the underwater world.

“Our presence at the Palma International Boat Show allowed us to engage with a wide range of yachting and water sports enthusiasts,” said Josep Lluís Massuet, PADI EMEA Regional Manager, Spain.

“By featuring our PADI branded mermaid, we aimed to capture attention, spark curiosity, and promote our courses that empower individuals to begin their underwater adventures, explore and save the ocean.”

The PADI branded mermaid at the Palma International Boat Show served as a symbol of adventure and environmental stewardship, embodying PADI’s commitment to seek adventure and save the ocean.

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