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Scubaverse Equipment Guide 2017



Having confidence in quality equipment can make all the difference to your diving. If you’re thinking of investing in some new dive kit, take a look at our selection of some of the latest and greatest product innovations to keep you comfortable, safe and happy in the water. Give yourself the tools to transform your diving!


Apeks MTX-R Regulator

PHONE: +44 (0)1254 692200

The military has been using Apeks regulators for over 20 years and now Apeks has put that military expertise into a brand new military specification regulator exclusively for the consumer market.

The new MTX-R is based on the MTX, a regulator that was developed in accordance with the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme cold water test. Innovations in design mean that the MTX-R regulator performs in almost freezing water at a depth of over 60 metres, something that very few other regulators on the consumer market can boast.
Features include an over-moulded first-stage end cap and environmental diaphragm.

The forged first stage body gives maximum thermal performance while a ribbed diaphragm clamp on the first stage ensures improved heat exchange in cold water conditions. The second stage has a redesigned and enlarged heat exchanger and metal has been incorporated into the front cover. These design elements combine to help prevent a free flow in extreme environments.

In addition to its extreme cold water ability, the regulator is rugged, strong and designed to withstand the knocks and bumps that come with life on an expedition.

Northern Diver Hydra Regulator

PHONE: +44 (0) 1257 254444 

Northern Diver’s EN250-A certified Hydra regulator is designed for cold water and more extreme diving conditions, as well as warmer water and less intensive dives.

The first stage system is created from a single piece of brass, which is then subjected to an electro-galvanic process.

Environmental and O-ring sealing protect the first stage’s internal mechanism from freezing, moisture and foreign matter such as salt.

The internal component parts of the first stage are made from chrome/nickel coated brass, the springs from stainless steel and the seals from nitrile rubbers. Particular attention was paid to the separation diaphragm by making it from a special rubber resistant to low temperatures.

Four low pressure ports (3/8” x 24 UNF thread) and two high pressure ports (7/16” x 20 UNF thread) feature on the Hydra’s first stage.

The second stage case is made from a synthetic resin highly resistant to impacts and abrasion, and not attacked by UV rays and chemical agents. The diaphragm, the exhaust valve and the poppet seat are made from silicone. The other inner components are made from chrome-plated brass and stainless steel. The mouthpiece is hypoallergenic silicone.

To adjust the breathe of the regulator, the venturi lever (+/- lever) on the second stage can be moved as required.
The octopus has the same technical specifications and materials as the second stage. The only differences are in the colour of the shield and hose, which are yellow, especially designed for easy identification in an emergency. The octopus’s hose is 1m long for quick access.


Exposure Lights Action 16 Light

PHONE: +44 (0)1798 839300

The Action 16 is designed as the perfect all-round light in a compact, factory sealed aluminium casing. Boasting 1000 lumens in a 16 degree beam it effectively illuminates large areas whilst maintaining a soft spot in the middle for pinpointing or signalling. It’s runtimes range from 1.5 hours on maximum (1000 lumens) to 6 hours on low (250 lumens) and with a charge time of 3 hours you can easily use it and charge it between dives. USB rechargeable and weighing only 113 grams The Action takes away the hassle of travelling with bulky umbilical torches and carrying multiple sets of replacement batteries.

The Action lights have the option to attach a ball bracket making them compatible with existing photographic and film rigs or a neoprene hand mount which enables hands free mode switching when in tap mode.

Waterproof to 100 meters it is suitable for all forms of diving and surface activities and is fully compatible with multiple Exposure bike accessories. Lightweight and compact the Action can be relied upon in the toughest environment.

The Exposure Action Range can be found exclusively at Simply Scuba.

Narked@90 Pathfinder Strobe

PHONE: +44 (0)1933 681255

The most powerful diving strobe in the world.

Highest light output.

Highest flash rate of any emergency or location strobe for diving use.

User replaceable batteries 20 hrs burn time on the fastest flash rate.

Comes complete with clip device to securely lock it to the shot line when in use.

Finding your way underwater is a skill we all should have, but sometimes we need a little help. Wreck divers have long since known the benefits of having a marker light attached to the shot line at the bottom, especially when extended decompression is required.

Finding your way back to the shot line, the safety of the group, decompression station and boat cover with drop bottles should not be a matter of luck or yours might run out quickly. Simply attach the Pathfinder about 10-15ft above the wreck using the supplied locking clip and find your way back to safety.

The problem with strobes commercially available at the moment is despite their claims of depth capability, they flood. Regularly. They also flash too slowly to be of use when you’re looking round for the marker, you can turn your head and miss it.

The Pathfinder strobe is activated with a twist of the collar and has an extremely long burn time between battery changes.

Battery compartment is a triple O-ring seal and the unit takes x2 C-cell batteries that can be Alkaline or Rechargeable cells.

Find out more about the Pathfinder Strobe and purchase it here.


AP Commando BCD

PHONE: +44 (0)1326 561040

Originally developed to meet the punishing demands of Navy SAR divers, the AP Commando (formerly BUDDY) went on to take the UK and northern European sport and technical diving market by storm, out-selling it’s rivals for over 30 years and still going strong.

The current series AP Commando retains the essential qualities and features on which its original success was based – such as superior build quality, lift and surface support characteristics – and adds the advantages offered by reflex technology.

The unique AP reflex comfort-fit system allows you to adjust the jacket fit and customise it specifically to your individual shape – with a one-time simple set-up adjustment in the height position of the waistband, shoulder buckles and the backplate length.

  • Reflex adjustment system – allows you to fine-tune the fit
  • 1000 denier twin-bag construction – the toughest build quality on the market
  • Optional quick-release integrated weight pockets
  • Multiple lightweight alu 50mm D-rings – pre-bent to stand-off for easy clip-on
  • Option to add AP twinset cambands

AP Diving has now teamed up with BSAC to bring members new and exclusive benefits with significant discounts on all AP BCDs.

Current BSAC Members get a huge 26% Off RRP
Current BSAC Instructors get a massive 37% Off RRP 

BSAC Chief Executive Mary Tetley said the AP Diving offer represents fantastic value for members.

“It’s great to be working with a UK-based manufacturer who has a ‘no-compromise-on-quality’ approach… giving us confidence in promoting their products to our members.” – SCUBA magazine July 2017

Visit or call AP Diving on 01326 561040 for details.

Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD

PHONE: +49 9129 909950


The HYDROS PRO is a true breakthrough in dive comfort and convenience. The moldable Monprene®, adjustable fit and multi-attachment points combine to make this the most customisable and comfortable BCD ever. Interchangeable straps, a packable design and an included backpack with room for your entire dive kit make the HYDROS PRO perfect for any destination and any dive.


Otter Britannic II Telescopic Drysuit

PHONE: +44 (0)1274 379480

Here at Otter, we understand what it takes to make a great drysuit. When we say our suits are ‘exploration grade’, we mean it – with over 30 years experience behind us, Otter suits are the choice of some of the biggest names in dive exploration. From the deepest wrecks to the longest caves, diving explorers choose Otter to protect them from the harshest conditions.

Building upon the reputation of our popular Britannic drysuit, we’ve reinvented exploration grade with the release of our new Otter Britannic II telescopic drysuit. This super-tough suit is manufactured using flexible armour skin material that ensures that it’s as tough as it is stylish. Available either off the peg or made to measure, we offer a comprehensive range of customisation options – choose the suit colour, a choice of pockets, rock boots or Otter boots, si-tech or Apeks valves, neoprene or latex seals and more. We truly believe that the new Otter Britannic II is the last drysuit you’ll ever buy. But don’t take our word for it – this is what Scuba Diver magazine editor Mark Richard Evans had to say about his new Otter Britannic II…

“My Otter drysuit has accompanied me on numerous dives now, and it has never once let me down. It is comfortable, easy to get on and off, looks fantastic and is built to last. Otter’s customer service is renowned, and their build quality is off-the-chart. This genuinely could represent the last drysuit you ever buy, it is that good.”

O’Three MSF500tb flex Dry Suit

PHONE: +44 (0)1305 822820

The MSF500tb flex offers the wearer a substantial amount of built-in insulation. Consequently the need to wear a traditional type of under suit is not necessary. This is why this suit is so versatile and is the key to its popularity.

From late Spring to mid-Autumn the MSF500tb flex can be worn over a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. As the temerature falls or on deeper dives, which might include chilling decompression stops, quality base layers, such as O’Three’s PBB+ can be added for extra warmth and comfort.

The 2.5mm flex panelling which runs from the waist up to the bicep and the entire forearm means movement and flexibility has been increased.

Buy an O’Three off the peg suit and we will tailor it to fit you perfectly at NO EXTRA COST. We will even fit you in your own home – no need to leave your sofa!

Easily customized with P-Zip, P-Valve, extra pockets, dry gloves, etc.

Complete and ready to dive with: Apeks low profile Auto Dump, Swivel Inlet and hose, Quality suit bag, Changing Mat, Vented Semi-dry hood, all for only £950.


  • Material: 5mm Multi Stretch Fibre lined quality pressure resistant neoprene
  • Neck: 2.5mm Micro-Mesh, comfortable super-stretch
  • Valves & Hose: Apeks low profile Auto Dump, Swivel Inlet and Hose
  • Zip: Heavy Duty BDM riveted dry zip. Medium duty on Ladies for added flexibility
  • Zip Guard: Additional protection to that all important zip.
  • Graphics: Anti-abrasion PU
  • Wrists: Long and contour hugging Xstend stretch wrist seals
  • Pocket: Cargo25 with built-in slate pocket and D-rings
  • Seams: Bonded, chemically cured and internally reinforced with nylon backed neoprene cover tape
  • HD Boot: Super warm contoured foot. Strengthened sole combining an ergonomically reinforced upper and heel with a built in fin stop

Find out more at


Kubi Dry Glove Systems

PHONE: +44 (0)1162 388255

The KUBI brand name and range of products were developed, designed and produced by Peter Kubicka, a renowned cave diver, expedition leader & technical diving instructor.

The design and realisation of the Award Winning KUBI Dry Glove System underwent long-term development, testing and use by some of the best technical divers in the world, with focus on detail, functionality and usefulness, with the pursuit of the best possible product without compromising on materials, manufacturing and production process.

KUBI Dry Glove Systems are available in two ranges, both utilising the unique KUBI Aluminium ring system.

KUBI Standard System

Designed to be simply attached to the existing latex or silicon seals of your drysuit, using a series of o-rings and therefore is removable.

Supplied as a set, complete with thermal inner gloves, latex outer gloves & a carry case, the KUBI Standard system is available in 4 rings sizes 70, 80, 90 & 100mm

KUBI Fitted System

Designed to be installed into your drysuit, by the drysuit manufacturer. This system then offers easy replaceable cuff seals.

Supplied as a cuff side only set, this system is available in 3 ring sizes 70, 80 & 90mm. The Glove side is interchangeable with the Standard system.

The KUBI Fitted system is offered as a standard option from many of today’s drysuit manufacturers, including Otter, O’Three, Santi, BARE, Seaskin, Hammond Drysuits and many more.

Visit the KUBI website and you can get more details, as well as viewing Information & Testimonial videos.

Available from our KUBI dealers worldwide.

Weezle Thermal Undersuits

PHONE: +44 (0)1535 646167

Weezle Diving Services Ltd, one of the only UK-based producers of hand-made thermal protection for Divers, promise you quality and innovation. This means that we can offer from our range of over 300 products and variations, personalised fitting, alterations and adjustments and excellent after care service and advice. Our designs and products are often copied but never beaten, as we use the best and most expensive raw materials in our gear. Weezle was the first ever and we believe best, of the high loft Undersuits using a wicking lining and microfibre outer and we are still innovating today bringing out the Mark III Oxygen Set. The Jacket & Salopette combination now has a full heavy-duty zip and works well in combination with our Extreme Skins, you may never need another Undersuit.

Whatever your style and level of diving, we have the right Undersuit for you, from your first open water dive to advancing the world of technical exploration. We have gear that will offer you the flexibility to feel comfortable from the Maldives in our Extreme Skins to Antarctica in the Weezle Scientific and will even to extend and work in other sports such as Sailing, Riding, Biking, Snowboarding and Skiing.

All our thermal gear has undergone rigorous testing and is lightweight, easy to care for yet durable; lasting on average 3 x longer than other products, offering excellent value and reliability.  There are few other 15-year-old Undersuits still being regularly dived.  Please visit our web site or contact us for more information.


Aqua Lung i450T Dive Computer

PHONE: +44 (0)1254 692200

The i450T is a features powerhouse that suits a world of diverse diving adventures. Intuitive and sporty, it’s the perfect wrist computer to take you to new places.

Designed for the active diver and the travel diver, the i450T has flexibility and intuition packed into an attractive design. Its features were crafted to be intuitive and easily navigated for an optimal dive experience. The optional hoseless gas integration de-clutters your dive for a more streamlined feel. Even small but thoughtful details were considered – once you pair your transmitter, you’ll never need to pair it again. For all its meaningful engineering, the i450T hasn’t forgotten aesthetics – its sporty eye-catching design is easy to wear through life’s everyday adventures.


Hoseless gas integration.

Our patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm provides calculations in real time, allowing accurate gas management

Once you pair your transmitter to your computer – it’s paired for life

Compatible with 3 different transmitters and gas mixes on a single dive

Intuitive design and menu navigation.

Large font size makes it easy to read

4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive modes, so it’s up for any adventure

Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for additional safety

Digital compass.

Features a North reference, return bearing lock, and declination adjustment

Free Dive mode.

Manage your free diving with depth, bottom and surface times, dedicated free dive memory and more

Depth rating: 0 – 120M (395ft).

Scubapro G2 Dive Computer

PHONE: +49 9129 909950


Easy to use and incredibly customisable, the new G2 gives you the power to go anywhere and see anything, more clearly than ever. Boasting a larger, more vibrant screen, Bluetooth, and a long battery life, the G2 is easy to read, easy to manage and easy to love.

Customize your colors, diving screens, and even attachments to make it truly your own. The G2 will go wherever your passion for diving takes you – open water, CCR, freediving, sidemount. Even your dive profile is one of a kind – based upon your breathing rate, skin temperature and heart rate. It’s as unique as you. It’s everything you’d expect from Scubapro – in full colour.


Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuit

PHONE: +44 (0)1326 574745

XENOS – Fast Transition Wetsuit

Developed to be easy to don and take off, the Xenos is the perfect wetsuit for multiple dives a day, especially in liveaboard diving situations. With high performance thermal linings in the body core and low friction linings inside the arms and legs, complemented by hydrolock wrist seals, the suit performs well in the water but takes just a few seconds to get on thanks to a cutaway ankle design which allows feet to slide through easily, but internal ankle seals prevent water flushing.

Features: Hard wearing knee panels; Hydrolock wrist seals; Internal ankle seals with easy-on cuff design; Glideskin neck seal; Thermoflex lining with Thermocore chest panel; Double glued and blind stitched seams to minimise water entry; Double smoothskin zip-flap on 3mm and 5mm full suits reduces water entry through back zipper.

Available: 3mm Shorty, 3mm full suit and 5mm full suit.

Find out more at


Fantasea AOI UWL-09F Wide Angle Wet Lens

PHONE: +44 (0)333 444 0104

The Fantasea-AOI UWL-09F is the finest wet wide angle conversion lens available. Built from quality materials and featuring the most impressive optic specifications, the UWL-09F delivers stunning results that have no competition.

The UWL-09F wet wide angle lens provides an exceptionally wide field of view and a zero minimal focus distance, allowing to shoot breathtaking wide angle and close focus images that are super sharp corner-to-corner and great on the details. It is perfect for a wide variety of compositions, including seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources.

The lens mounts on the housing lens port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. It can be mounted on 67mm threaded lens ports and other dimensions by using an adaptor.

High Optical Performance

UWL-09F offers unmatched quality with 5 multi-layered precision optic elements (organized in 5 groups). Images captured with the lens are exceptionally detailed and feature impressive overall sharpness. The combination of a super wide field of view (130 degrees) and zero minimal focus distance provide unlimited opportunities for image framing and creative compositions, including close focus wide angle and over-under (half/half) split images. Professionally engineered elements eliminate chromatic aberration. The AR (anti-reflection) coating on all glass elements assists in avoiding lens flare from the sun or artificial light sources.

Warranty & Best Service

The lens includes warranty against defective materials and workmanship under reasonable use for a period of 1 year. If damaged, the dome of the lens can be replaced with a new one for a discounted price during the 1-year warranty period. In addition, Fantasea offers a professional and responsive service program.

Fantasea FG9x Housing for the Canon G9x & G9xII Cameras

PHONE: +44 (0)333 444 0104

The FG9X Housing was specially created for the Canon PowerShot G9X & G9xII digital cameras. The FG9X Housing is manufactured to the highest professional standards of function, style and durability. It is depth rated to 60m/200 feet, provides full access to all camera buttons with clearly labeled controls and access to essential contact points on the camera touch screen. The Fantasea FG9X is the ultimate waterproof home for the Canon PowerShot G9x & G9xII.

Fantasea FG9x Housing for the Canon G9x Camera[/caption] The FG9X Housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photography. Underwater photographers can dive or snorkel and capture all the excitement of this fascinating world, while outdoor photographers also have the option of capturing the action of activities such as white water paddle sports, sailing, boating, surfing, fishing, hunting, backpacking and camping. The FG9X Housing is shock resistant and protects the camera from water, sand, dust, frost and other damaging elements. The FG9X Housing was designed to be compatible with a complete accessory system, enabling photographers to enhance the quality of their images.


Miflex Specialist Diving Hoses

PHONE: +44 (0)1162 388255

It’s been over 10 years since the launch to market of the Miflex Xtreme high performance range of diving hoses, which were developed in cooperation with expert divers for a superior in depth performance.

The team at Miflex analysed traditional low pressure diving hoses & the fruit of their research & development has been the Xtreme high performance range of Regulator & Inflator hoses.

The addition to the range of the Miflex Carbon HD high pressure hose has enabled a complete range of options for todays divers.

Since that time they have continued to develop, review & improve the hoses & the fittings. Miflex hoses are the choice of many divers whether they are a recreational diver adding colour to their kit or a rebreather diver looking for better flexibility & routing of their hoses.

Today you will find Miflex diving hoses in many of the dive stores around the world, with over 250 colour length & fitting combinations available.

All Miflex hoses are supplied with full manufacturers user & warranty information and stored in a re-usable drybag package.

Visit for more information, the home of the UK based Official Distributor for Miflex hoses since launch. Fully supported by the team at the Miflex factory with daily communications, they offer either volume bulk products direct to the production line or retail packaged product to the Dive store, embracing the changing requirements with innovative design, marketing and presentation services.

Experience, Quality and Service are key foundations to both manufacturing & distribution, with their close involvement.


Alkin W31 MARINER & W32 CANOPY Compressors

PHONE: +44 (0)1422 410466

ALKIN Compressors were established in 1990 and our production activities take place at our 16500m2 site in Izmir, Turkey. Our products appeal to different sectors, and we offer a fast, high quality service and our recognition in the international markets has been rising. Around 85% of our production is accounted by exports to 96 countries, such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Spain, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, S. Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, S. Africa, etc.


  • High Pressure Compressor
  • Charging Rate 105 or 140 lt/min
  • Working Pressure 225/310 bar
  • Dimensions cm W44 L81 H52
  • Weight 65kg


High Pressure Compressor
Charging Rate 180 or 250 or 300 lt/min
Working Pressure 225/310 bar
Dimensions cm W70 L100 H130
Weight 280 or 290 or 300 kg


XDEEP NX Project Wing System – Std Stainless Steel Backplate

PHONE: +44 (0)333 444 0104

If it works why change? Because good is not good enough for XDEEP. We wanted to deconstruct the traditional wing and back plate, knowing it works, but knowing we can make it a lot better. Every element in the NX PROJECT has been developed to perfection, with no compromises in the pursuit of excellence.

An investment of three years of design time, thousands of hours of testing in the water, constant refinement of the concepts and the application of advanced materials technology brought our ideas to life.

Stability, Ergonomics and Safety dominated our priorities and have been delivered in the PROJECT.

The NX Series is the culmination of our experience, expertise and passion so far. The NX collection of products has already changed dive industry thinking and has improved diver experiences from exploration cave diving to tropical reefs.

The NX PROJECT has sufficient lift to support multiple stage diving with ease, managing to achieve this in a tightly streamlined profile.

All NX Series bladders are equipped with revolutionary adapter connecting the inflator with the bladder. As it’s directly welded to the bladder, eliminates traditional failure points such as elbows, threads and gaskets. Its simple and indestructible structure makes it perfect for technical dives.

As a result we have made a huge design breakthrough at the top of the wing. The tighter and smaller top wing shape opens up space around your valves and hoses. Access for shutdowns is clear, there is no unwanted air migration and the result; better balance, better trim.

Ammonite LED Stingray Compact Primary Torch

PHONE: +44 (0)333 444 0104

This is the most powerful and at the same time the smallest compact torch Ammonite System have ever developed! LED STINGRAY sets a completely new standard in its class of products. Its distinctive features are the amazing amount of light, long operation time, handiness and reliable, heavy-duty build. Also, the torch is characterised by a very small size – 120mm in length, 40mm in diameter – and low weight – 130 gr, which makes it perfectly fit into the hand; it is equally easy to mount it to the harness or put it in your diving suit’s or jacket’s pocket.

LED STINGRAY means 1000lm of light, offering a distribution angle of 16 degrees and as many as 1.5 hours* of stable performance! The source of light comprises 3 CREE XPG 2 LED’s powered with a single Li-Ion type 18650 battery protected from overcharge and deep discharge. The torch is built with the use of the best materials available on the market. The body is made of Delrin, while the aluminum head is coated with hard anode resistant to mechanical damage and any weather factors. The torch’s front glass is made of 6 mm tempered glass.


Gear News

MARES Dual ADJ 62X – Introducing the Dive Industry’s smallest first stage



Mares continues to prove to be an industry leader in regulator technology and design with the release of the Dual Adj 62X.

Created to satisfy ongoing requests from the US and Asian markets, the Dual Adj 62X is now the smallest, most compact first stage ever released by Mares. Now the most lightweight regulator in the Mares line-up, the Dual Adj 62X is the perfect traveling diver’s companion worldwide.

The 62X first stage breaks records as the smallest first stage in the diving market, coming in at a mere 63mm in height and weighing only 464g (DIN). This small-but-mighty first stage is 10% smaller and lighter than its 52X predecessor and has 30% less volume. The 62X first stage may be compact, but it still boasts all of Mares regulators’ innovative features, such as Auto Sealing Technology (AST) which protects against water entering the first stage.

Mares, however, didn’t stop here. The core parts of the 62X were re-designed to generate an even better seal, making this an excellent regulator for cold water diving. The addition of the optional Twin Balanced Piston (TBP), makes this one of the highest performing regulators in cold water.

Specific technical innovations of this first stage’s internal workings include a new poppet seat that is now sharper with a smaller cone radius and decreased angle to define the sealing surface better. The lightweight Dual Adj second stage offers smooth, easy breathing at all depths. Enhanced with a pneumatically assisted design (P.A.D.) and the unique, Mares patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) systems, the Dual Adj is second to none in ease of air delivery. The newly designed adjustable breathing knob helps divers enjoy a customized breathing experience, even when wearing thick gloves.

True to the Mares brand, the Dual Adj 62X goes above and beyond all performance tests and will impress even the most seasoned diver. It exceeds performance standards at 200m and uses proven technology at 400m. This highly developed regulator system offers high performance at a very competitive price while still providing all the features needed by today’s demanding divers.

For more information visit the Mares website by clicking here.

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Quick Scuba Tips #7: How To Change A Scuba Regulator Mouthpiece (Watch Video)



Quick Tips 7: How To Change A Scuba Regulator Mouthpiece.

In this video for our Quick Tips series, I’m going to show you how to change a scuba regulators mouthpiece. In the Quick Tips videos, I try to cram as much of my SCUBA expertise into a video 5 minutes or less.

Click here for the whole playlist!

Changing a mouthpiece on a scuba regulator is an essential piece of maintenance that any diver should be able to do. Enjoy!

D.S.D.O James

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Explore the amazing triangle of Red Sea Reefs - The Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone on board the brand new liveaboard Big Blue.  With an option to add on a week at Roots Red Sea before or after. 

Strong currents and deep blue water are the catalysts that bring the pelagic species flocking to these reefs. The reefs themselves provide exquisite homes for a multitude of marine life.  The wafting soft corals are adorned with thousands of colourful fish. The gorgonian fans and hard corals provide magnificent back drops, all being patrolled by the reef’s predatory species.

£1475 per person based on double occupancy.  Soft all inclusive board basis, buffet meals with snacks, tea and coffee always available.  Add a week on at Roots Red Sea Resort before or after the liveaboard for just £725pp.  Flights and transfers are included.  See our brochure linked above for the full itinerary.

This trip will be hosted by The Scuba Place.  Come Dive with Us!

Call 020 3515 9955 or email

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