Scubapro’s New Barefoot Fin Design Targets World Travellers


1_scubapro2013_twocolours_pantone3015C-300x254Scubapro has added an exciting new fin to its line of diving and snorkelling fins. It’s called the GO, and as its name implies, it is designed for travelling.

Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and a fast and nimble performer, the GO is the ideal fin for divers, snorkellers and swimmers who enjoy globe-trekking. For example, a pair of size M-L GO fins weighs in at a mere 1.2 kg, including bungee straps — again, that’s for a pair. This translates into convenience and weight savings on the road, and comfort and ease of use in the water.


ScubaproBeing lightweight is always a plus when travelling, but so is compactness. GO fins are designed to fit easily in IATA carry-on compliant luggage. Even better, they pack extremely well due to an innovative Piggy Back Stack system. An interlocking tooth on one fin blade hooks into the second fin, then the bungee strap from the second fin hooks the heel of the first fin into place.

While extremely comfortable, the GO is also virtually indestructible. Its strong 100 percent Monprene® construction avoids the problems of de-lamination, broken blades and torn foot pockets that tend to plague average thermoplastic fins. This enables the GO to stand up to long-term, heavy-duty use.

You can customize your fins with a name plate easily. It can be fixed to the fin with a single screw and gives especially diving schools the possibility to mark their rental fins.

The Go Fin is available from authorised Scubapro dealers.

MSRP: £47

Available Sizes: 3XS, 2XS, XS-S, M-L, XL

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