Scubapro in the U.S. Recall Certain Recent Galileo SOL and Luna Dive Computers


1_scubapro2013_twocolours_pantone3005CScubapro has notified the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that it is voluntarily recalling 1,486 UWATEC Galileo Luna and Sol dive computers sold in the United States beginning May 7, 2015. This provides you with information on the recall along with details on the logistics that will be used to complete the recall.

The diving equipment manufacturer learned from a small number of consumer communications that certain Galileo dive computers experienced screen freezes. No injuries have been reported.

Out of an abundance of caution, and consistent with their safety-first philosophy, Scubapro is voluntarily recalling dive computers with specific serial numbers.

The affected products are UWATEC Galileo Luna and Sol dive computers with these serial numbers:

Galileo LUNA: from 150422 0058 001 to 150903 0338 005

Galileo SOL: from 150423 0202 001 to 150921 0001 005

If your UWATEC Galileo Luna or Sol dive computer does not have a serial number in the ranges listed above, then it does not fall within the scope of this recall.

Consumers with affected computers should return them to an authorized Scubapro dealer or to Scubapro directly.  Call Scubapro’s toll free hotline at 1-800-790-3757 FREE to register for the recall and they will mail you a return form and a postage-prepaid box to return your affected units to them. Consumers will receive free replacement units in early 2016.

You can download the return form here.



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