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Scubapro_CaresLogoOne of the World’s leading scuba diving equipment manufacturers, Scubapro, have released a statement regarding their commitment to the marine environment:

For over 50 years, SCUBAPRO has been committed to protecting the oceans. From manufacturing processes and materials to reusable packaging to sponsoring conservation efforts, we at SCUBAPRO believe we have a strong responsibility to the very environments we love to explore.


We encourage new and seasoned divers to not just dive in, but to experience, discover and protect the oceans. And we lead by example. SCUBAPRO was first in diving in 2012 to introduce X-Foam blend neoprene as part of our ongoing effort to better protect divers. This year, SCUBAPRO is the first to introduce solvent-free glue. We’ve tested it for over 400 hours – and we know it is better for you – and better for the environment. We’ve got some exciting products launching in upcoming months as well.


For over fifty years, we have a long history of supporting efforts of organisations like Sharkproject, SOS Seaturtles, Yaqu Pacha, Mission Blue, Galapagos National Parks, Shark Angels, Conservation International, WWF, Antinea Foundation, San Diego Oceans Foundation, REEF, and the National Marine Life Center, among others. SCUBAPRO believes in building bridges not walls – and working together to take on the biggest issues facing the oceans, while encouraging every diver to be conservation minded.


We’re taking a deep dive on how we package things – and moving towards reducing our footprint. We believe the best packaging is not just using recycled materials, but rather, is actually reusable so you’ll keep it for years to come. For years, we’ve delivered a lot of products in reusable bags – which our divers have come to love. Many of our dive computers are also delivered in cases our divers use again and again. We’re continuing the focus on this area, from recycled materials to reusable packaging to reduced printing.


At SCUBAPRO, we are avid divers who don’t just make the best dive equipment – we use it. And we personally recognize our responsibility to preserve and protect the very thing that our products allow divers to explore – the oceans. Many of our team members are involved in local efforts to protect the oceans and threatened species. The list of efforts is long and impressive and that starts at the top. Not only did Sylvia Earle sit on our board for many years, our president is on the advisory board of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Sanctuaries, and our director of marketing founded Shark Angels. The list goes on and on. Our regional offices regularly conduct beach cleanups, donation drives and contribute locally as well. We also want to get as many people in the water as possible, and contribute to many efforts – from underprivileged kids to war-wounded. We believe the more people who experience diving, the more people who want to advocate for the protection of this planet’s largest, and most important, ecosystem.


We are committed to being vigilant and aware of ocean issues now and in the future. Our Deep Elite Ambassadors include such conservation visionaries as Sylvia Earle, WYLAND, Howard and Michele Hall, Stan Waterman, Kurt Amsler and Dr. Erich Ritter. These individuals have supported SCUBAPRO for decades, and in return SCUBAPRO has supported them.

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