Scuba Diving Community mourns tragic loss of Andy Phillips


Scuba Divers worldwide are in mourning today as it has been announced that renowned PADI Platinum Course Director and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer Andy Phillips has been lost during a dive in Canada.

Andy, who was born in Inverness, Scotland, was a true force of nature in the industry and a passionate teacher and conservationist. Working as a dive professional for more than 20 years, Andy travelled to all corners of the world and most recently was Director of Professional Training at the well-known Utila Dive Centre, a PADI Career Development Centre in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Throughout his career, Andy was responsible for training thousands of instructors at all levels and setting up a global network of dive professionals to whom he passed on his passion.

According to reports, Andy was diving with another diver on 11 June in the St Lawrence River in Canada when he failed to surface. Authorities spent several days searching for Andy but the search has now, tragically, been called off.

The international scuba diving community will be a lesser place without him. The thoughts of the Scubaverse Team are with Andy’s family and friends at this terrible time.

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