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UK-based Tour Operator Ultimate Diving is offering group trips to Truk Lagoon from just £3295 per person (minimum number of guests 7). Divers can experience one of the most famous diving destinations in the world with this impressive group offer: 5% discount when 7 book or 1 place FREE OF CHARGE when 9 book. Travel Dates: January – December 2018 & 2019

At the Truk Blue Lagoon Resort divers can relax in a tropical setting and be thrilled by the excitement of the most famous underwater museum in the world. The resort has its own dive operation located on site, the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop. The PADI shop offers daily dive trips to the wrecks & reefs of Truk Lagoon and caters for larger groups by arranging private dive boat charters.

Truk is a wreck diver’s paradise, suitable for both novice and experienced divers. The calm, clear, sheltered lagoon is relatively free from currents, providing safe, easy diving conditions. The Truk Lagoon ocean floor holds an entire Japanese fleet frozen in time, where it sank in February 1944. Complete with sake cups and skeletons, jeeps and tanks tied on board, and fighter planes still waiting in their holds, the wrecks have been declared an underwater museum. These days the battle scars, WWII ruins and underwater wrecks attract dive enthusiasts to these remote islands. As the lagoon has been declared a monument, salvage and souvenir taking of relics are prohibited by law.

Nature and time have softened and transformed this graveyard into living shipwrecks of incredible colour and marine life. Brilliant soft corals in all colours, anemones, daisy corals and sponges now cling to rusted remnants of military glory and many species of tropical fish play amongst once lethal weapons. . Nowhere else in the world are there so many wrecks in close proximity, situated in shallow, clear water.

Truk also has miles and miles of mostly unexplored reef and on the rare occasion a diver decides to dive a reef dive they see a wide variety of big and small fish, turtles, and vibrant corals.

Price includes 9 nights’ accommodation, 1 night in Guam, 16 dives, transfers and flights (flight price may fluctuate at the time of booking and therefore have a slight impact on the overall per person package price). Deposit £850pp.

To enquire or book just give the Ultimate Diving Team a call on 0208 655 6458 and they will give you the lowdown on the destination and diving, or visit

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