Salcombe Brewery gives generous support to Seahorse Conservation


Salcombe Brewery Co. is delighted to announce it has partnered with The Seahorse Trust to provide much needed support for these endangered creatures. Since June, Salcombe Brewery Co. has donated 5 pence for every bottle of Seahorse sold.

Owner of Salcombe Brewery Co., John Tiner, says: “At the launch of Salcombe Brewery Co. we adopted the seahorse as our logo as we are lucky enough to be based in an area which is a breeding ground for both British species of seahorse. However, worldwide these enchanting animals are under threat and so it seemed the obvious next step to support the trust’s conservation efforts and raise valuable funds for them through the sale of our much-loved Seahorse beer.

Seahorse (ABV4.4%) is a popular amber ale, handcrafted in Devon, overlooking the estuary that is home to this protected species. It is a sweet and smooth beer with a gentle spicy hop character, hints of burnt toffee, caramel and a smoked malty finish. Taking its name from the Salcombe Brewery Co. logo, Seahorse has always been a firm favourite with drinkers both locally and now further afield nationwide. It has also recently won a Taste of the West Award. John Tiner comments: “It is a great opportunity for us to capitalise on the ever-growing popularity of Seahorse to spread the word about these endangered creatures and support their conservation.

The Seahorse Trust was set up in 1999 to preserve and conserve the natural world, especially the marine environment, using Seahorses as their flagship species. Seahorses are a unique fish species that occupy the coastal areas of most of the world and it is these fragile eco-systems that are most under threat. Neil Garrick-Maidment from The Seahorse Trust comments: “We are thrilled to have joined forces with Salcombe Brewery Co.. Every penny that they donate will directly help the trust in its efforts to study seahorses in the wild and to launch conservation programmes to ensure we have seahorses in the wild forever. We would like to say a massive thank you to Salcombe Brewery Co. for their generous support.

Salcombe Brewery Co. takes pride in its local roots and values its coastal environs and as such, its partnership to support seahorses is just one of a number of its environmental commitments. Salcombe Brewery Co. has already made steps to become plastic free in its onsite shop, no longer providing plastic bags but offering cotton or jute bags instead. Their event bars have also turned their back on plastic and use only compostable cups. With a strong commitment to being ‘plastic clever’ they are constantly looking for ways of reducing and replacing plastic in all aspects of their business. Seahorse sits alongside the much loved beers in the Salcombe Brewery range, which include Salcombe Pale Ale, Lifesaver, Devon Amber, Shingle Bay and Salcombe Gold.

For more information about The Seahorse Trust visit their website by clicking here.

For more information about Salcombe Brewery Co. visit their website by clicking here.

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