S.U.P.E.R. Part 20: Mares Loop 15X Regulator


In our ongoing series S.U.P.E.R. (Scubaverse’s Underwater Photography Equipment Reviews), Scubaverse.com’s underwater photography editors Nick and Caroline Robertson Brown review new underwater photography equipment, general diving equipment, and some older favourites too. 

For the twentieth instalment of S.U.P.E.R., Nick and Caroline take a look at the Loop 15 Regulator from Mares.

I know that this series usually covers Underwater Photography equipment, but every now and then we come across some diving gear that seems to really make sense for underwater photographers too. This time is it the Mares Loop 15X Regulator.

Have you ever got your regulator hose caught on your strobe arms or clamps? We have! Not just once, but as a regular occurrence. It is annoying, and means that you are spending time sorting this, rather than getting the shot you want. The Mares Loop regulator was not designed with underwater photographers in mind, but who cares – it is great new addition to our dive gear. But why?

The hose come straight down from the second stage, rather than from the side. The hose then goes under your arm and up to the cylinder, so that the hose does not stretch out in front and to the side of you and get tangled in your photography equipment. It is also really comfortable, with no tugging from the side – so hopefully Caroline will bite through fewer mouthpieces too!

It is cold water rated and our first use of this was on a recent dive in 4/5°C in Capernwray Quarry. It is really smooth to use and there was no sign of any free flow, no matter which way up we were positioned. You can turn your head right around to the left, and the hose will not pull. When you are modelling for another underwater photographer, you also look much more streamlined, with no distracting hoses sticking out!

For more information watch the Scubaverse video interview about this regulator from DEMA here.


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