Russia sets new world record for ice diving


Members of the Russian Geographic Society (RGS) have set a new world record for ice diving during an expedition to the White Sea.

During a descent which lasted approximately 80 minutes, divers managed to reach a depth of 102 meters.

“The achievement was confirmed by Bozana Ostojic of CMAS. The record depth was reached on March 5,” a statement released by the RGS press service said.

The whole White Sea endeavor was in fact a part of RGS’s major project “Russia’s 13 Seas” carried out in order to test Russian-made diving equipment in a deep sea environment and to prepare for the upcoming Arctic expedition.

The Russia’s 13 Seas project launched on July 1, 2015. During its first stage at the Barents Sea, the participants set a new world record for scuba diving in polar regions by reaching a depth of 111 meters.

The divers involved in the project have also set three other world records: the first underwater descent at the (North) Pole; the deepest underwater descent at the (North) Pole; and the deepest underwater descent off the coast of the Antarctic.


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