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Return to False Bay



What an incredible day at sea. It started off overcast and windy, more like a winter day than summer here, and a contrast to the bright sunshine of yesterday. I had forgotten how quickly the weather can change in False Bay and regretted my lack of a waterproof as we left the jetty. We soon perked up at finding a bait ball with common dolphin and gannets dive bombing the fish as we headed out to seal island though. It was the first dolphin sighting of the season and they were wonderful showing us their acrobatics in the early morning light. It is always incredible to see these feeding events and watch the dolphin herd the fish into a ball followed by the elegant gannets diving from on high. The wind picked up as we arrived at the island and it was a slow start waiting for sharks and watching the weather approaching from the south east. I was concerned we wouldn’t have much time if the wind chased us off the water sooner than expected. We often find that storms liven the sharks up however (possibly the change in pressure affecting their behaviour) and after a little while of waiting we had six sharks being lively around the bait that morning!

It was awesome watching one 3.8m female that our skipper is thinking of naming Trixie. She was so agile and liked to twist and turn fast as she approached the bait and then suddenly veered off for the decoy seal and vice versa. She is quite the madam and our guests had incredible dives with her and the other sharks. Everyone also loved the cute little shark that was only 2.8m long.

We also saw three predation events on sick seals close by the island. We don’t generally see the sharks hunting the seals at this time of year as they focus on other prey in the bay (fish and smaller sharks for example). It was like a day I’d expect later in the season with the hunting activity and the number of sharks we saw. Such a treat for us all.

And to top it all off we saw a short tailed devil ray by the bait, cory and sooty shearwaters brought in by the storm and then another bait ball on the way home with dolphin, gannets and seals as well. And I saw a whale breaching on the way to work….

We are hunkered down now as the south east winds blow through. I can’t wait to get back out after the storm and see how it has affected the wildlife behaviour in the bay.


It really is wonderful to be back in South Africa again with these magnificent sharks and Apex Shark Expeditions.

Kathryn has a Masters in Environmental Biology and is a PADI scuba diving instructor. Her passion lies with raising awareness of and conserving the sharks within our oceans and also writing about her experiences under and on the water. She is currently a wildlife guide and crew member for Apex Shark Expeditions in South Africa.


Scuba Diving in Mexico: Diving Tajma Ha (Watch Video)



In this exclusive video for Scubaverse and Dive Travel Adventures, join Richard and Hayley from Black Manta Photography as they explore Cenote Tajma Ha. This Cenote is entered by a seemingly tiny pool hidden under the overhang of a rock. One of the most popular on the Yucatan Peninsula due to its easy nature, mesmerising halocline, and stunning pockets of natural light that flood through the maze of caves!

Cenote Tajma Ha was the second of four Cenotes that Black Manta Photography had the chance to dive, before spending the rest of the time diving with the Bull Sharks at Playacar. Check back soon for the rest of the videos!

You will be able to read about Richard and Hayley’s trip to Mexico when they share their stunning photos in a forthcoming issue of Dive Travel Adventures Magazine soon!

Visit Pro Dive International to find out more!

For more from Richard and Hayley visit

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Photo Gallery: Shark Diving in The Bahamas



In our Gallery feature, we let the photos tell the story… Each Gallery showcases a selection of outstanding images on a chosen theme, taken by our Underwater Photography Editor Nick and Deputy Editor Caroline of Frogfish Photography. This time they look at Shark Diving in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas offers some of the very finest shark diving experiences in the world. The islands have protected sharks in their waters creating one of the first Shark Sanctuaries in the world. Several species of shark can be seen and photographed, with each island offering a different type of shark diving, making this destination the perfect place for a multi-island, multi-shark trip of a lifetime.

Great Hammerhead Shark diving in Bimini

Bull Sharks in Bimini

Tiger Shark off Grand Bahama

Oceanic Whitetip Shark off Cat Island

Nurse Shark off Abaco

Caribbean Reef Sharks off New Providence

Lemon Sharks off Grand Bahama

For more images from The Bahamas and around the world, visit the Frogfish Photography website by clicking here.

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