Reefs Go Live with CCMI


Mark your calendars! This Friday, CCMI will share another lesson live on YouTube, “Why do we need coral nurseries?”.

They will cover threats that corals face, how coral nurseries make a difference, and the practical aspects of how they measure, maintain and multiply coral in advance of next week’s lesson, which will focus on coral outplanting.

They will share a roughly 30-minute live lesson, interwoven with 5 – 10 minutes of prerecorded underwater video of CCMI researchers diving at one of their coral nurseries. Be ready to ask questions for Maisy to answer live during the broadcast!

The video will be streamed on our YouTube channel:

Make sure you subscribe and tune in! The supporting lesson plan and activity sheets will be shared later this week, so keep an eye out for news on their Facebook site by clicking here.

For more information on CCMI Reefs Go Live initiative visit their website by clicking here.

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