Rebreather summit takes place in Italy


Rebreather diving instructors from around the world met in Arenzano, Italy recently to share their passion for diving.

The very first event connecting instructors from around the world took place at the Port of Arenzano, 24km from Genoa, Italy. The summit provided a networking opportunity for instructors, a platform for sharing news, and a great location for capturing amazing footage and insights into the history of the Haven Tanker wreck.

An all-star team of divers arrived from all corners of the world to participate in this unique event intended specifically for instructors with rebreathers. Renowned divers such as Becky Kagan Schott, Edoardo Pavia, Edmund Yiu, Nick Jewson and Axel Söhngen were in attendance, sharing their rich experiences and passion for deep diving.

Dives were planned for the summit’s first day but had to be postponed due to bad weather conditions. Instead, participants partook in an all-day meeting packed with fruitful discussions and  an introduction to the new CCR Liberty Light unit.

The following day, the divers’ pleas were heard and the weather permitted a dive to explore the MT Haven wreck. The visibility wasn’t initially favourable, but after a few meters, the Ligurian Sea showed its beauty and glory. All participants agreed it was an amazing experience and as such, repeated the dive the next day testing the light version of the CCR Liberty unit for the first time.

Edmund Yiu, who came all the way to Italy from Hong Kong, said:

“I enjoyed the summit very much because I met and dove with people from around the world, something I don’t usually have the opportunity to do. Moreover, I had never dove the Haven wreck before. Overall, even with the bad weather on the first day, it was an amazing experience.”

You can see a whole video interview with Edmund, who shared safety tips for diving with a rebreather or his opinion where he sees the future of rebreather diving, here.

Following in the success of the first summit, Divesoft is arranging another for all Liberty users (not only instructors). The second rebreather summit will take place in Florida, USA on April 18 2020 (the weekend before TEKDive2020 in Orlando). While the details are in progress, you can save the date now.

Watch for updates on the Facebook event page.

Event Summary

  • Liberty Rebreather Summit 2020
  • April 18-19, 2020
  • Key Largo, Florida, USA
  • Organizer: Divesoft Company, which specializes in the production of hi-tech products designed especially for top-technical and cave divers.
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