RAID unveils REMOTe-Training – New tools include World’s first Nitrox Virtual Analyzer App


Statement from Diver Training Agency RAID:

As we see many regions globally relaxing their rules, we still see social distancing as the new norm. This means face-to-face time between student and instructor could continue to be a challenge. But even during these trying times, many students are still keen to achieve certification.

Now, we are releasing our REMOTe-Training platform, which has been designed to keep divers and instructors professionally active.

Since RAID started, all academic presentations and most practical dry workshops can be conducted remotely. Being an entirely digital agency means that there are no textbooks to deliver by hand; our course content, quizzes, and exams are online; we have a dynamic online audit trail; and tools that maximize productivity during the face-to-face time in the classroom. RAID courses are tailored to each particular student’s needs rather than a one-size-fits-all prescription.

RAID has modified standards to allow its instructors to conduct virtual classroom sessions in lieu of traditional classroom sessions, resulting in certification for several of its courses. RAID instructors can use their choice of online tools, including Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, RingCentral, WhatsApp, etc. As long as they have met all RAID Standards, the only stipulations are that students and instructors must have two-way communication and screen-sharing ability.

As with all things at RAID, we are not releasing REMOTe-Training as a pandemic-only option. Rather, this will become another cornerstone of RAID training as we move forward, alongside initiatives like RAID’s FREe-Learning. By combining these, we can all benefit by continuing to deliver effective training toward earning certification.


  • Nitrox

When we were looking at the Nitrox course, we realized that there would be an issue certifying a diver due to the fact that the student must show understanding of analyzer use. As a result, we created the world’s first Nitrox Virtual Analyzer app. Under the instructor’s guidance, this app provides the student with the skills needed to operate an analyzer safely. This app may be used by all RAID Nitrox Divers and Instructors immediately. Instructors will demonstrate using a real cylinder and analyzer.

Non-RAID instructors and divers are welcome to use the app, but please check with your agency that you are working within their training standards.

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:

  • Equipment
  • Core Rebreather Knowledge
  • Eco Diver
  • Ecological Non-Diver

Most importantly, we have opened REMOTe-Training not only to our diver levels but also to our instructor levels.

Instructor Crossover Program

We have designed a peer-led review instructor crossover program that will allow instructors wishing to crossover to our agency the ability to do so without reducing the level of quality that is included in all RAID training.

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