RAID UK & Malta’s Team Grows Again


RAID UK and Malta are pleased to announce a new Recreational Instructor Trainer in Malta – Toby Van Pooss – and a move to the UK for another – Olivier Van Overbeek.

For over two years, Oli has been flying the flag for RAID in Malta. His time has been extremely productive – not only has he been delivering high quality RAID training, he has also helped to boost the number of RAID Dive Centres and Professionals in the region.

Oli is now moving to the UK to further develop Diving Matrix and continue supporting RAID activities. Although Oli will be based in the south, he will provide training all over the UK plus Malta will still feature as one of Diving Matrix’s Technical Training locations of choice. He leaves a pioneering RAID footprint on the Islands and RAID congratulate him on his efforts over the least two years.

Toby Van Pooss is an experienced Instructor Trainer and owner of New Dimensions Scuba. RAID feel that Toby’s background will further develop and support members in Malta and Gozo.

To further assist the growing infrastructure in Malta, RAID also welcomes one of the island’s top Technical Instructors Steve Wilkinson. Steve will offer recreational and technical training, as well as supporting the Maltaqua team with the RAID product.

All Dive Centres and Professionals interested in standing out from the crowd are encouraged to contact the RAID UK & Malta head office to discuss the transition further.

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