RAID UK & Malta announce new Training Director


RAID have announced that Olivier van Overbeek is the new RAID UK & Malta Training Director.

Oli has been a RAID Instructor Trainer for six years, working in the UK and Malta, where he’s taken on various consultant positions for RAID UK and RAID International.

One thing was always very clear: Oli has a genuine passion for education – the delivery of information starting from manual design, through working with Instructors and other IT’s, all the way to finding new ways to help a student succeed no matter what level they are training at. 

RAID UK & Malta had been without a Training Director / Manager for over six months. Initially it didn’t seem like that role was that crucial, as Paul Toomer is UK based, but as he started working with James Rogers (Managing Director RAID UK & Malta) on various projects it became clear that some structure was needed in the RAID UK training department. Given that Oil was already working with RAID International on course design and consulting for the training department internationally, it seemed only logical that he should fill that void for the UK.

Oli has been in this role for just over two months now and has made some bold steps towards how the team want the next five years to look like for the UK / Malta. This includes the acquisition of new and existing talents, as well as creating regular HQ lead events to help RAID Instructors and Dive Centres succeed. 

Oli says:  “In the last two years I bought and rebuilt DiveLife in Manchester and turned it into a premier shop and training centre that offers RAID only. DiveLife has been a little bit of a case study project of mine, showing how the RAID system can help a business in much more than simply providing cert numbers. James and I will be talking about this on Friday at the Go Diving Show, maybe what we did can help you?”

2020 will see some exciting steps forward from RAID in general, and the UK aims to not only partake in this but to provide a leading example in strength, growth and support for all.

Come and see Oli at the Go Diving Show on the RAID stand. He is keen to meet with all Divemasters, Instructors and Centre owners for a face to face chat on how in partnership, we can succeed together in 2020.

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