RAID launches new Discover Rebreather program at DEMA 2015


RAID logo 2Following on from the release of their two new rebreather eManuals this month for the revamped Poseidon Mark 7 and Hollis Explorer, RAID has also announced at the DEMA Show 2015 a totally new “RAID Discover Rebreather” program complete with a groundbreaking RAID Discover Rebreather eManual.

In making the announcement, RAID CEO Jim Holliday said: “While we at RAID are fully aware rebreathers are currently still a ‘yet to be tried’ activity for many divers, we see that ‘try scuba’ programs seem to continue to be very successful around the world in attracting people to diving – so why not have a Discover Rebreather program to bring the excitement and benefits of rebreather diving to the existing dive community and even none divers on mass?”

RAID International Training Director Paul Toomer said: “Rebreather diving is a field in which RAID dominates the diver education landscape and whilst we have expanded strongly and very successfully into all corners of diver training from Freediving to Tech, we still feel rebreathers are going to be the preferred kit of the future diver, if they are not already. So why not have a RAID Discover Rebreather program where the emphasis is on a safe and exhilarating introduction to CCRs with the longer term intent of the program being to get more divers permanently into CCRs.”

Discover Rebreather - Academic TrainingBarry Coleman, RAID’s Founder and arguably the father of diver eManuals after writing the first ever eManual for Poseidon’s Mark 6 some 8 years ago, feels online training manuals are essential for safe diver education and can also play an important and ongoing role in introducing the masses to diving in a more exciting and attractive way in parallel with new CCR technology releases. Coleman said: “The ability CCRs have to inspire the next generation of divers and to rejuvenate existing divers is something the entire dive industry needs to address and support for the benefit of us all. Obviously in the light of all the other exciting activities consumers have at their choice, something adrenaline-charged at the front door of an introduction to diving is what we in the dive industry really need to prosper and grow. The new RAID Discover Rebreather program will help us do just that by making it easy and very convenient to discover rebreather diving.”

RAID will roll-out their new Discover Rebreather program along with their other recently developed innovative programs immediately after the DEMA Show 2015.

To learn more contact your local RAID Regional Office or find all the information you need on all RAID programs at and on freediving at You can find RAID’s Facebook page here.

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