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RAID logo 2Diver training agency RAID has announced the release of its Hollis Explorer Rebreather Specialty. Like all RAID rebreather programs, the materials include specific materials dedicated to the Hollis Explorer.

Much like the Hollis Explorer being a unique rebreather, so is the RAID program. Divers are introduced to the benefits of the Hollis eSCR (Electronic Semi Closed Rebreather) system via a bespoke, specific academic manual. In addition to this there are specific Confined and Open Water manuals outlining specific safety skills needed to operate the Hollis Explorer safely. There is nothing generic about this program; it is all about this one rebreather.

Instructors can now conduct the RAID Hollis Explorer program for those who have never dived before as well as experienced divers.

RAID worked hand in hand with Hollis to make the training agency’s Hollis Explorer Rebreather Specialty a reality.

Nick Hollis, CEO for AUP (American Underwater Products – Hollis/Oceanic) had this to say about the release of the program: “Hollis International is thrilled that RAID has designed a program as unique as the rebreather itself. Well done to all those involved at RAID.”

Edd Stockdale, the primary author of the program, was equally as excited: “The release of the new RAID Hollis Explorer Program is exciting, especially as it is the first course with material designed specifically for the eSCR. It has been a challenging six months developing not only the student manuals but all the other material for the course, both instructor level material and exams. I am extremely happy to see the program launched and look forward to developing both divers and instructors on this unit. A combination of RAID’s leading online education system crossed with unit dedicated course structure offers students the best program available to become a Hollis Explorer diver.”

The process for becoming an instructor is relatively simple. Existing RAID instructors need to complete the diver program and then gain 50 hours of experience on the unit before attending an Instructor program with a RAID Hollis Explorer Instructor Trainer.

Contact your RAID Regional Office now for further details:

Watch a video of Edd Stockdale talking about RAID’s new Hollis Explorer Rebreather Specialty:

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