RAID and WSF Announce Major Acquisition


RAID Freediving white backemma paulIn late March RAID UK / Malta and World Series Freediving (WSF) crossed over 7 outstanding freediving instructors to RAID under the direction of RAID International Training Director Paul Toomer and freediving icon Emma Farrell. Emma is a RAID WSF Instructor Trainer and also announced the crossover of Go Freediving to RAID WSF.

Go Freediving takes people on an incredible journey into the underwater world. Freediving is the sport of apnea – diving on a single breath of air. Go Freediving is one of the most respected freediving schools in the UK and has a massive following internationally. Joining the RAID Team sometime back, Emma says: “Our courses will teach you all the skills you need to experience an underwater adventure. It’s an amazing way to interact with sea life, improve your health, get fit, travel the world and make life-long friends.”

raid go freediving teamDavid Mellor, one of the successful crossover candidates, said: “If there is someone out there who is more computer illiterate than me, then I would like to meet them. I have to say I was kind of dreading the thought of trying to teach a freediving course using online technology as one of the main tools, but after spending the day with Paul Toomer covering all the aspects of the new RAID system, I felt even I could easily find my way around the very well thought out software. As one of the Go Freediving instructors I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this is definitely the way forward. Paul’s enthusiasm is indeed infectious and I can’t wait to put into practice what Paul has shown us. It’s a big thumbs up from me.”

Another successful crossover candidate, Zoe Strandquist, said: “I am thrilled to be joining RAID and World Series Freediving as I have been extremely impressed by their modern and forward-thinking approach which means that students will always have the most up-to-date information, which is really important in a developing sport like freediving. I was also really impressed by the drive for quality of RAID/WSF and glad that they will be holding us to the high standards that Emma has always imposed!”

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