Project AWARE suggests 4 ways divers can celebrate Discovery’s first-ever Shweekend


This July, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week returned bigger than ever before, making a splash as the highest-rated Shark Week in the event’s 28 year history.

And because viewers can’t get enough of all things shark, for the first time ever, Discovery is introducing “Shweekend“, a special weekend of all-new Shark Week programming on Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30.

Shweekend will feature four all-new Shark Week programs throughout the weekend, delivering even more compelling and jaw-dropping shark stories and never-before-seen shark technology.

Project AWARE logoFor scuba divers and passionate shark advocates, Shweekend offers another opportunity to make a splash for sharks and show that divers are serious about shark and ray protection.

Sharks are suffering from a bad image – one that Project AWARE battles not only during Shark Week but throughout the year. This bad image often hinders shark conservation efforts.

Raising funds, dispelling myths and misconceptions about sharks, and rallying public support to secure meaningful conservation measures is critical.

4 Ways to Celebrate #Shweekend, August 29-30:

While mass education and media programming about these mysterious and magnificent creatures is a critical component to shark survival, it can be a double-edge sword when it comes to conservation.

An important step toward gaining improved protection for sharks is to raise the public’s awareness of the plight of sharks and engage people in shark conservation activities. Activities such as a Finathon or the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty have the power to turn divers into shark ambassadors and real shark fans during Shark Week, Shweekend and every week!

Celebrate Discovery Channel’s first-ever Shweekend by taking actions that will help Project AWARE continue the fight to save sharks and rays in peril. Together, we can protect sharks and rays!

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