Product Showcase: Thermalution Wireless, the Red ULTRA Full Body Power Heated Undersuit


The Thermalution Wireless, a Red ULTRA Full Body Power Heated Undersuit, is equipped with a wireless controller that can be recharged wirelessly and an additional heating element located on the thighs. It is a professional model most suitable for those who dive deep or in a dry suit.

Thermalution heard the feedback, and they read the comments. You wanted more heat, so they have brought you more heat than ever before. The Red Grade Ultra is the hottest product they have created yet, and that is saying something.

With the additional heating elements focused on your thighs, the Red Grade Ultra will improve the blood circulation of your lower extremities and provide you with unparalleled agility.

Available from specialist dive stores & Thermalution stockists.

For more information about the Thermalution Wireless visit or email

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