Product Showcase: Subgear’s 2015 freediving range


Subgear offer a full range of freediving equipment with some new additions for 2015.

Here are the details:

Freediving Steamer Apnea 2

subgear 2subgear 1The steamer is one of the most important items for a freediver. Primarily, it keeps in the warmth but also enables a more streamlined movement underwater. The Apnea 2 is a classic two piece suit consisting of pants and a hooded top. The adjustable Velcro beaver tail closure guarantees reduced water entry and increased comfort.

The 5/4 mm strong X-Foam Dura Mesh neoprene is extremely stretchy and at the same time highly durable and long lasting. Subgear exclusively uses X-Foam neoprene for all wetsuits. X-foam is the only formula that complies to very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) test requirements.

The Apnea 2 comes in a wide range of sizes, including intermediate sizes, so that every diver will find their perfect fitting steamer:

Mens: S-XXL, MT+LT   –   Ladies: 2XS-L, MT+LT

RRP: £169

Nose Clip for freedivers

The nose clip is an essential piece of equipment for professional freedivers. This light and handy clip is made out of aluminium and can be easily positioned with just one hand. With the attached strap it can be worn around the neck.

RRP: £49

subgear 5

subgear 3S1/S2 Stereo Bag

Protects the long S1 and S2 freediving fins. With this backpack style design it is easy to carry the fins. The practical rucksack features a soft inner material, keeping the fins safe while the durable tarpaulin exterior material absorbs the wear and tear of transport.

Designed with with padded carry straps for extra comfort and two exterior zipped pockets that have enough space for a multitude of accessories.

RRP: £46


Apnea Surface Buoy

Especially developed to meet the needs of freedivers, the buoy ensures safe and comfortable training as well as stress free apnea diving.

  • Durable 840 D nylon exterior
  • Wide double zip across the main body allows easy storage of equipment such as weight belts, masks, snorkel etc. inside the buoy
  • Large metal D-Ring under the buoy for attaching lines
  • The inner bladder can be inflated with the inflator hose or by mouth through the inlet valve on the bladder
  • The over pressure valve attached to the hose prevents over inflating or bursting and enables quick deflation
  • Both valves are accessible from outside the buoy and are protected by Velcro flaps
  • Four robust and sturdy side handles offer stability during rest periods on the surface
  • Two pockets on the outer side have fitted straps attaching and lowering accessories
  • With the help of carabiners the D-rings on the outer side can be used to attach equipment and other accessories
  • The alpha flag is made from robust nylon and is attached to the buoy with 3 aluminium rods which can be secured to the buoy through two cordura straps on the outer side of the buoy
  • All parts, including the internal hose, buoy housing and the alpha flag are also available as individual items

RRP: Complete (without flag) £109

RRP: Alpha Flag £35

subgear 4

GoPro® Mask Mount

Freedivers love to dive with their GoPro®. The universal mount fits on almost every double lens mask on the market . The lightweight mount can be easily and securely attached to the mask to allow filming from the freedivers’ perspective, leaving the freediver free to focus on underwater world.

RRP: £8

subgear 7

All Products are now available from authorised Subgear dealers.

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