PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Subgear XP10 Dive Computer


The new XP10 Dive Computer from Subgear is a solid single gas dive computer that is targeted to open water divers as well as nitrox (21-50 percent) divers. XP10 divers get Uwatec’s time-proven ZHL-8 ADT MB algorithm, full watch functions, an effective back light, visual and audible alarms, and a three-colour nitrogen loading bar graph that makes it easy to track tissue loading. A variable ascent monitor lets you control your speed back to the surface, and a timer can be set from one to five minutes to customise safety stops. The XP10’s logbook stores 25 hours of dive time that can be downloaded via an infrared interface. Depth-rated to 120 meters (393 feet), the XP10 is an intuitive all-round computer available as a wrist unit or in two- or three-gauge consoles.


The new model XP10 offers additional features such as an apnea mode for freedivers, a gauge mode for tech divers and an automatic safety stop prompt. The rust-free stainless steel silver face plate gives the computer an unmistakable sharp new look.

XP10 at-a-glance

– Solid single gas dive with nitrox (21-50 percent).

– The new XP10 features a restyled stainless steel faceplate.

– The new version includes an Apnea Mode for freedivers and a Gauge Mode for tech divers.

– New automatic safety stop prompt.

– Two button controls provide easy access to modes and the set-up of basic parameters without the need of a PC.

– Three-colour nitrogen tissue loading bar graph makes it easy to monitor N2 status.

– CR2450 user-replaceable battery is rated up to two/three years or 200/300 dives, whichever comes first (battery    compartment is independent from the electronics).

– Dive data can be transmitted via an infrared interface (IRDA) with DiveLog software to a Windows® PC.

– Available as a wrist unit or in a console with pressure gauge and compass.

– With every purchase of an XP10 the customer receives two vouchers for a free battery change.

Also available: Subgear’s 3-gas computer XP-3G, with predictive multi-gas and PDIS. The new look stainless steel computer also supports CCR systems.

The new XP10 is now available at authorised Subgear dealers.

XP10 £195

XP10 3-er console £325

XP-3G £295

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