Product Showcase: Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BCD


A giant step in the evolution of back mounted BCDs

  • Mares 1Made with Alutex, sturdy and durable
  • Modular integrated weight system
  • 10 metal d-rings, 3 of which customizable

The first thing you will notice when donning Hybrid Pro Tec is the perfect fit. This new level of comfort is achieved via special shoulder pads which are longer, pre-shaped and reinforced, and which work in perfect unison with the lumbar suspension system. Hybrid Pro Tec features 10 metal D-rings, 3 of which can be slid up and down along the shoulder pads, to accommodate any configuration needs. Made of very tough Alutex material, it will endure any exposure you submit it to and hold up to the test of time. Furthermore, Hybrid Pro Tec is a modular BCD: the detacheable vest comprising the MRS plus system is removable, leaving a lean-and-mean travel BCD. This configuration can be expanded by adding the optional lumbar trim weight system and/or the Cruise Add-on pocket.



BACKMOUNTED: Air-cell separated from the harness, resulting in unrestricted freedom of movement.
ERGO INFLATOR: The standard inflation and deflation control device used in  SSI, PADI (etc.) training programs. Intuitive use and secure grip.
FOLDABLE BACKPACK: Ideal for travelling thanks to its reduced dimensions when packed and its marked weight reduction compared to a traditional backpack. Integrated rubber pads provide secure grip of the tank and carrying comfort.
SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Inspired by the design of modern hiking backpacks, the system avoids direct contact between body and tank support.

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Hybrid Pro Tec

Translated, the Latin term Hybrida means something “bundled” or “of two different origins”. A name that aptly describes the Hybrid Pro Tec, as it really combines two BCs into one new model. Read on to learn how it works and what the benefits are…

By completely separating the carrying system and buoyancy bag, Hybrid Pro Tec adjusts to the body like a second skin. The anatomical characteristics are emphasized by longer, contoured, and specially reinforced shoulder straps. They carry the weight in coordination with the support system in the lumbar region and ensure a perfect fit – even when hauling a “heavy load”. And still, the Hybrid Pro Tec is very well equipped: With durable Alutex material and a total of 10 metal D-rings (height-adjustable at the shoulder), bottles can not only be mounted on the back, but also easily attached to both sides.

Fans of “side mount” or “monkey diving”, listen up! You will get your money’s worth, and so will travel enthusiasts! Due to its hybrid (modular) build, Hybrid Pro Tec is not only ideally suited for extreme applications. The vest with integrated weight and trim weight system can be completely separated from the carrier and buoyancy unit in a few simple steps. The result is an ultra-light, back-mounted travel BC that can be reduced to a pack size of 45 x 30 x 30 thanks to its foldable carrying frame. If you want to upgrade your Hybrid Pro Tec, you have several options: You can choose a second separate trim weight system and/or the belt bag Cruise Add-On. Speaking of trim weight: The integrated system is arranged in a way that it doesn’t tend to produce the well known turning effect. The true greatness of the Hybrid Pro Tec is found in its many interesting details. For example, the streamlined build of the 25 litre bladder, which is kept in its dimensions by bungee straps, should be noted. Two easily accessible fold-out pockets below the MRS Plus trim system are also a very nice enhancement. Lamp and buoy are not only where they belong, but are also close at hand in any situation. The name says it all: Hybrid Pro Tec is strong and sturdy, but lightweight and convertible. It is well suited for daily use and travel. It offers fun and tech in one.

Technical Characteristics 

Type of BCHybrid system with modular build
Special featureVest and buoyancy bag can be separated
ConceptBuoyancy bag for back and side mount
Target audienceAdvanced divers, diving instructors
InflatorErgo inflator, integrated emergency air dump
Quick air dumpUltra-flat, one each at the top and bottom right
MaterialCordura® 420, Cordura® 1000, and Alutex
BackpackFoldable backpack
Waist strapAdjustable cummerbund system
Chest strapTo optimally secure the shoulder straps, length adjustable on both sides and height triple-adjustable
Dual tank capabilityyes (max. vol. 2 x 10 l)
Weight (size M/ L) complete4.4 kg
Weight (size M/ L) without vest2.9 kg
Buoyancy Hybrid25 l (in all sizes)
Lead integrated MRS Plus2 x 6 kg (+ trim weight)
Shoulder strapsAnatomically contoured, elongated, with shoulder pads
D-rings10 (steel)
Pockets2 zippered roll-out pockets, 2 slide-in pockets,1 knife retainer
Sizes3 sizes XS/S, M/L & XL

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Check out’s video review of the Mares Hybrid Pro Tec here.

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