Prism 2 is CE Approved


After much hard work and anticipation, Hollis Rebreathers has announced that the Prism 2 Rebreather has received CE approval by SGS in UK. Both the front mounted counterlung and back mounted counterlung variants passed all tests in accordance with EN 14143:2013.

The team is beyond pleased to present the Prism 2 to their European customers and couldn’t be happier with the performance results.

Breathing performance can be subjective based on a variety of factors including depth, breathing gas and position tested. Using a standard CE benchmark which is 40 meters using air as diluent gas, the Prism 2 without any updates still has the best work of breathing at 1.57 J/L.

As of October 15th, all new Prism 2’s shipped will be the CE compliant model. Pricing and part numbers remain unchanged. There is also a new user manual in the Hollis Rebreathers library which can be found here:

If you would like to discuss updating your Prism 2 to the CE model, please contact for more information. There will be a factory upgrade available early 2020.

Stock is being shipped and distributed within the UK & Eire via Rebreathers UK. Visit for more info or visit

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