Plastic Warriors – a fight against plastic pollution


Filmmaker Lavado Stubbs & Environmental Scientist Kristal ‘Ocean’ Ambrose release PLASTIC WARRIORS, a film that follows Kristal’s fight against plastic pollution.

The Bahamas, a country internationally recognized for its stunning seascapes and wealth of fauna and flora, is a true paradise on Earth. However, this paradise is polluted by plastic. The marine litter concentrations for The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean is nearly three times the global average, with an accumulation rate of  up to six hundred million metric tonnes of plastic by 2025 for The Bahamas.

Plastic Warriors follows Kristal Ambrose, also known as “Kristal Ocean”, a marine and environmental scientist who grew up loving the oceans surrounding her island home of The Bahamas. After sailing across the Pacific Ocean to study an oceanic “garbage patch”, she returned home to affect change by inspiring both the government and its citizens to move towards creating a plastic free Bahamas through her non-profit organization Bahamas Plastic Movement (BPM). Using her unique approach to education and activism, Kristal connects Bahamian youth to the marine environment and empowers them to use their voice to protect the natural environment and create legislation aimed at its protection-these are the plastic warriors. In 2020, The Bahamas passed a law banning select  single use plastics, a monumental law brought forward by the plastic warriors.

Shot with vintage anamorphic lenses to exalt the beauty of The Bahamas landscapes’, Plastic Warriors is a documentary that follows Kristal’s fight to battle plastic pollution in The Bahamas and highlights the possibilities of change to protect the environment through youth empowerment.

You can watch the trailer here.

In just 24 hours of the world premier, Plastic Warriors exceeded 40,000 views. Following the premier a panel focused on legislative changes on small islands. Some featured panelists included moderator Danni Washington, Kristal Ambrose (Founder of BPM), Lavado Stubbs (Director, Conch Boy Films), Dyson Chee (Project O.C.E.A.N.), Kiana Liu (Maui Huliau Foundation), Abby Ramnarine (BPM), William Simmons (Space 2 Create), Jackie Nunez (The Last Plastic Straw), Tarryn Johnson (BPM), Jaclyn Johnson (Kokua Hawaii Foundation), and Lyndee Bowe (Ministry of Environment).

You can find a recording of the film premiere on the Bahamas Plastic Movement’s Youtube. To host your own screening you can find the screening kit on their website

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are a husband and wife team of underwater photographers. Both have degrees in environmental biology from Manchester University, with Caroline also having a masters in animal behaviour. Nick is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in underwater wildlife photography and he also has a masters in teaching. They are passionate about marine conservation and hope that their images can inspire people to look after the world's seas and oceans. Their Manchester-based company, Frogfish Photography, offers a wide range of services and advice. They offer tuition with their own tailor made course - the Complete Underwater Photography Award. The modules of the course have been written to complement the corresponding chapters in Nick's own book: Underwater Photography Art and Techniques. They also offer equipment sales and underwater photography trips in the UK and abroad. For more information visit

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