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Photo Contest – January 2022

Contest End Date: 12 midnight on Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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Title: A Curious Raggie Swim By
Author: Emma van der Ploeg
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Description: Taken at Cathedral, one of the most beautiful dive sites on Aliwal Shoal, South Africa - January 2022. Here the large rock creates a holiness inducing cathedral structure for where large groups of sand tiger sharks make their home during the winter season. As you enter the cathedral via a hall-like entrance, position yourself comfortably behind the alter, and then look up... a view of 10-30+ raggies spiring softly in the shadows of the water and gliding along the cathedral´s walls through large shoals of glistening fish. Most of them remain unbothered & continue their routine, several will curiously approach the divers and silently pass you with a perplexing gaze. Photo by: Emma van der Ploeg - VDP Marine Photography

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