Paul Toomer becomes Secretary of the Rebreather Training Council


RAID logo 2RAID International Training Director Paul Toomer has been elected Secretary of the Rebreather Training Council (RTC) at a meeting of the Council at DEMA 2015.

In November 2014, the first formal meeting of the Rebreather Training Council (RTC) was held in Las Vegas, USA. It was formed to allow leading training agencies offering rebreather training to work together and exchange mutually important information. The founding member organizations were: RAID, ANDI, GUE, PSAI, IANTD, IART, SSI, PADI, NAUI and TDI.

The RTC also works closely with the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) so that training organizations and manufacturers can cooperate for the benefit of rebreather divers globally.

Paul is well suited to this very important position as the organisation’s Secretary having been involved in the RTC since its inception and having spent hundreds of hours on CCRs with his unique approach to training – legendary. Paul is often referred to as a force of nature in the diving world and has a strong background in working with various training agencies. For example, since he became a diving professional, Paul has reached the pinnacle of the world’s leading diver training agencies; teaching divers, instructors and instructor trainers. After a decade of teaching rebreather and technical courses, Paul was first appointed International Director of Technical Training for SSI, and in 2013 invested in RAID and took up his current position there.

Rebreather Training Council

The Rebreather Training Council meeting at DEMA 2015.

When it comes to caves, wrecks, and of course, rebreathers, Paul has been there and done that all over the world. Also as an avid writer and presenter, his contributions include articles for various dive magazines and formal presentations at training agency member events such as DEMA, OZTek, EuroTek, TekCamp, the British Scuba Industry Trade Association, the London International Dive Show, Hollis/Oceanic Dealer Seminar and many more.

RAID feels the future of diving lies in CCRs. So it is a natural fit that along with the technical diving history he has inherited and contributed to at RAID, his wide experience and instructor background, Paul brings a wealth of real world experience to his position with the RTC.

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