Beautiful Pygmy

Anilao Phillipines april 2017 Canon PS15 Nautilus housing and +10 one strobe


A cute cuttlefish

A cute, small cuttlefish showing it’s best side :). Taken during a morning dive at Puerto Galera, Philippines.


Eyes in the sand

The eyes of a blue spotted ribbontail ray hiding buried in the sand. Taken during the morning at Puerto Galera, Philippines.


White Devil

A white Devil Scorpion fish. Taken at night in Puerto Galera, Philippines.


Whale Shark Silhouette

Getting these shots right has been far more difficult than I had thought. Because of their sheer size you have to dive down quite a bit to capture the entire…



Everyone on the boat gets very excited when someone shouts this word. It’s Spanish for ‘bottle’ and describes a feeding behaviour where Whale Sharks stop swimming, which causes their tail…