Bryozoan Snapping Shrimp

Picture was taken near Island Bangka in North Sulawesi, Indonesia  Canon 5DSR & NA5DSR; EF 100mm f/2,8; SMC-1; 1/200; f32; ISO 160; 2*InonZ240


Spooky Scorpionfish

A well camouflaged scorpion fish made a little spookier by placing the strobe slightly under the fish. G7x mii


Curious Buddys

Two smooth trunk fishes staring at the camera. This one was taken during jellyfish season. one jellyfish was just hovering over my camera and the 2 trunk fishes were waiting…


Lonely Goby

A cleaner goby sitting on a coral waiting for fish to be cleaned. Super macro with snoot (simple funnel over strobe) G7x mii – CMC1 – Snoot