A pretty swell shark

A Swell Shark turns and swims straight at the camera in the cold winter waters of Victoria, Australia. Naturally lit. No strobes, No lights, No flash, just sunlight.


Clash of Giants

Two male Giant Cuttlefish face off in the shallow waters of Whyalla, South Australia. Every year thousands of cuttlefish migrate to this area to breed.


Face to face

I never expected that such beautiful animal would ever let me lay down at the sandy bottom right in front of it. And yet, when I saw this hawksbill turtle…


Favorinus blianus

This Favorinus blianus was nicely camouflaged amongst the kelp, but luckily for me a 60mm macro and a dark background make it stand out nicely.


caprella linearis

A photo of a caprella linearis taken in the isles of Scilly. This nudibranch is known to eat the eggs of other nudibranchs and can be seen heading away from…


Facing off the intruder

Whitetail dascyllus staying alert and curious, hidden between the branches of their home. Picture taken on freedive in the shallow water. Only ambient light used, no strobes.