PADI and GoPro announce Evolution Video Contest


For decades, PADI has encouraged divers to explore the underwater world and share their experiences with others to inspire appreciation and lifelong love for the ocean. The world’s largest scuba diver training organization has joined forces with GoPro to present the three-part Evolution video contest series, inviting explorers, creatives and divers alike to share their perspectives and experiences. Whether it’s capturing a shot of a sunken ship in the local quarry, an unforgettable turtle encounter or a freedive over a vivid reef, participants can enter for the opportunity to win valuable prizes by showcasing premier video and editing skills.

The first of the three-part series, known as the CAPTURE contest, is open for entries from 15 April – 30 May, and asks divers to simply capture an amazing underwater experience. The second contest, EDIT, open 1 July – 15 August, puts editing skills to the test. Participants are provided a series of clips by GoPro for editing in an effort to inspire creativity and unique storytelling. The final contest, CAPTURE/EDIT, opens 16 September – 31 October and requires participants to put everything together – capturing and editing – into one awesome story.

Each contest is open to amateurs and pros alike. Video tips, tutorials and inspiration from GoPro ambassadors will accompany each contest segment, providing divers with the knowledge necessary to film and create engaging underwater videos.

GoPro is a leader in underwater content creation, so teaming up with PADI to help capture and share underwater exploration is a natural fit,” says GoPro Global Director of Lifestyle Marketing, Christian Scott. “By educating PADI Divers on using GoPro for diving, we will make it easier than ever for anyone to capture their most memorable dives and share their experiences from all corners of the globe.

The contests provide divers a platform to further share underwater experiences and perspectives across national borders and language barriers. PADI has created a vast network of divers with tremendous potential to make an impact on social and environmental issues as well as create worldwide awareness and appreciation for the incredible underwater world through diving—this collaboration aims to employ divers to make and share dive memories on a global scale.

Whether you’re passionate about serious videography or just snapping casual shots (and we need both), your images have power,” says Dr. Drew Richardson, President and CEO of PADI Worldwide. “They can influence. You can use them to communicate with others about the oceans and underwater world at a time in history when it matters most.

To learn more, get CAPTURE tips from GoPro ambassador Jeb Corliss and enter the contest click here.

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