OzTek 2019: The Ultimate Underwater Adventure


In March 2019, it will be 20 years since OZTek was first inspired and created. Richard Taylor conceptualised and brought together a unique combination of real-life adventure and diving technological innovation that was continued and developed further by first David Strike and now Sue Crowe. 20 years on, OZTek not only continues to celebrate those who step over previous sand-drawn lines and boundaries but also embraces all aspects of diving bringing like-minds together to inspire and educate.

OZTek2019 – All about the Adventure

Every two years, over 40 Diving Giants arrive down-under to share their discoveries, adventures, achievements, personal journeys and blow us away with what’s possible. Each presenter brings unique, exciting (often sobering) topics heard first at OZTek. These seriously extraordinary divers, at the top of their careers, provoke awe, provide knowledge, improve methodology and above all, entertain.

OZTek2019 Dive, Training, Travel & Photo Show

As well as incredible stories – there is SO MUCH to experience – travel destinations, liveaboards, Australian adventures, new innovations, equipment, training, photography (cameras, housings, strobes, lenses…), dive instruments, compressors, wet & dry suits … the list is too long to write!

It’s early days, so, for up-to-date news visit the Exhibitors’ page 

OZTek2019 Image Centre

Improving on the successful inaugural photographic workshops, there will be more to learn and admire from our talented professional photographers and videographers. Plus the Underwater Photographic Competition Winners Exhibition from 2018 & 2019. (2019 competition launching later this year). Underwater inspiration to get you in the water and reaching for your cameras.

OZTek Diving Conference & Exhibition is much more than just another dive show; it’s a dynamic event focused on excitement and tomorrow’s diving possibilities.

For all up-to-date information visit the website by clicking here.

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