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Established in 1972, SEA & SEA Ltd has a long reputation as the UK’s leading independent supplier of recreational and technical diving gear and underwater photography equipment. SEA & SEA only distribute the highest quality products and it takes a very special product range to feature in their brand porfolio, such as OrcaTorch.

Why Orca? Quality products at very competitive prices

OrcaTorch products are made from aircraft-grade aluminium (AL-6061-T6) in order to be lightweight but tough. They are coated with an upgraded premium Type-III military hard-anodised finish to stand up to the most extreme environments and provide better resistance to seawater corrosion.

Durable CREE LED’s and constant current circuits ensure maximum conversion of power to light. Instead of getting dimmer as the battery drains, OrcaTorch lights keep a certain brightness until the battery is totally flat.

Aluminium alloy reflectors and professional optical designs give each OrcaTorch an efficient and even light beam. All OrcaTorch dive lights feature a 4mm ‘super thick’ toughened glass, coated on both sides. The anti-abrasive coating on the outside provides great scratch-resistance and the anti-reflection coating on the inside reduces light loss.

Every OrcaTorch dive light has to pass a 150m hydrostatic pressure test and is depth rated to 150m.

Our pick of the OrcaTorch range

Handheld: D520

The OrcaTorch D520 is a palm-sized dive light and you simply twist the head to switch on/off. At only 134.5mm long x 24mm diameter and weighing only 113.5g (excluding battery) this light can be used as a compact primary light or as an easily carried back-up light.

It has a 1000 lumen output and burn time of 2hrs, with neutral white 5000K colour temperature.

Available in four different colours: Black / Blue / Silver / Red.

SRP: £69.95

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Canister: D620

The OrcaTorch D620 is a top-of-the-range canister dive light for extreme adventures. The light head features an easy-pack, adjustable Goodman Handle and a newly designed power switch which can be locked to avoid the light being accidentally switched off during use. The battery pack features a belt loop and can be carried on a weight belt or BC webbing.

Three power settings: High – 2700 lumens / Middle – 800 lumens / Low 150 lumens with burn times from: High – 2 hrs 30 min / Middle – 8 hrs 50 min / Low – 37 hrs.

SRP: £299.95

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Video: D500V+

Like all OrcaTorch video lights, the D500V+ features a 120o super-wide diffuse beam with no hotspots, for shooting video and stills. It is equipped with a totally sealed magnetic controlled side switch for easy use underwater.

Three power settings: High – 1000 lumens / Middle – 425 lumens / Low 85 lumens with burn times from: High – 1 hr 30 min / Middle – 4 hrs 10 min / Low – 18 hrs 30 min.

Also features a safety strobe setting for emergency signalling.

SRP: £109.95

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Technical: D800

The OrcaTorch D800 is a high-powered dive light designed for technical diving. It is operated by simply twisting the rear battery cap for easy on/off control.

Three CREE LED’s give a 2000 lumen output and a 2 hrs 54min burn time.

SRP: £199.95

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To browse the complete range of OrcaTorch products please visit www.sea-sea.com/brands/orca-torch.

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