Olivier van Overbeek joins Scubaverse as Technical Editor


Scubaverse Media is delighted to announce that Olivier van Overbeek has joined the Scubaverse Team as Technical Editor.

Oli started diving in 1998 while on holiday in the south of France. He instantly fell in love with the underwater world, and as soon as he returned home to his native Holland, signed up with famed Dutch wreck explorer Ben Stiefelhagen. A few months later, he moved to the south of England and continued diving and learning with BSAC.

From 2000-2008 he enjoyed the popular diving that was on offer on the south coast of England at the time, and joined as many dives as time and money would allow. After spending several years diving all around the globe, Oli decided to become an instructor and did so in Central America with PADI.

After attending a lecture with Steve Lewis he decided to find a more technically-oriented agency and wanted to help make changes to the industry. It wasn’t long until he met Paul Toomer who at that point had just joined RAID, and decided to jump on board. After joining RAID he started working with and learning from Paul directly, and in 2015 joined the first RAID ITD program.

Oli holds user level Open and Closed circuit tickets from CMAS, BSAC, PADI, NOB, IANTD, TDI, and of course RAID and is qualified to dive on five different CCR’s. He’s also been a factory test diver for various brands. Currently he co-runs Diving Matrix with Paul Toomer, manages DiveLife in Manchester, and is actively involved behind the scenes with DiveRAID.

On joining Scubaverse Oli said:

“I’m very pleased to accept the position of Technical Editor for Scubaverse. After working with Dave and his team for several years now it felt only natural to take the next step and expand Scubaverse’s footprint into the technical realm on a more permanent basis.”

Welcome to the Scubaverse Team Oli!

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