October 2017 Video Contest Winner and Review



Winner: Is there anybody out there? by Klemens Gann

Winning Video:

Very different styles of film making this month, each with their own merits and strengths. It’s great to see such a diversity of work as it explores many different aspects of underwater film making.

Let’s have a look at October’s videos – and please read the comments I have made on each individual video as they may well help you in your own film making style.

Is there anybody out there? – Klemens Gann

Watch Klemens’ video here.

This is a very well conceived short underwater conservation story which held my full attention from beginning to end. The narrative was compelling as was the diction. The under exposed ‘desolation shots’ worked really well to portray a lost environment, a lost world. The ‘historic’ shots of a rich and vibrant ocean were wonderful and the pace of music fitted the images and mood well. A good short video to show in schools, especially for the younger kids.

SCUBA diving with sand tiger sharks on the wreck of the Caribsea off the coast of the Outer Banks, North Carolina – Oleg Kaplun

Watch Oleg’s video here.

What a wonderful dive site. Good written introduction to the video and it was great to see an image of the ship before she became a wreck. Excellent dramatic opening underwater shots of fish and ray. Then came the sharks. Wonderful. The music was perfect for the mood of the video and fully enhanced the slow and powerful movements of the sharks and rays. It was quite mesmerizing. The lighting was excellent and also helped to strengthen the mood of the video.

Northern Reefs of Red Sea – Arkadiusz Plewa

Watch Arkadiusz’s video here.

Nice shots. Well done for spotting the stone fish. Not sure what it was in the bottom left corner of your frame. Possible your finger or a strap……….

The editing and effects worked well as did the music. Although the shots were nice there seemed to be quite a lot of camera movement and shake. Try to concentrate on keeping the camera steady and slow moving. It may well be that I am missing the point and the fast movements were deliberate to give pace to the edit and overall feel of the video. I recognised the wrecks, it was a real trip down memory lane. Overall the film gave a good pacey feel to diving.

Hurghada – Red Sea Life – Arkadiusz Plewa

Watch Arkadiusz’s video here.

Interesting style of editing transitions which actually worked really well and allowed the seamless introduction of still images. The pace of the music was a perfect fit for this. You created a real snapshot experience and a feel good video. I enjoyed it very much.

And the Winner is….


The video that left the most lasting impression on me this month was Is there anybody out there? by Klemens Gann. It carried a powerful story and message as well as being extremely well filmed and edited. Well done Klemens.

Do keep the entries coming – I look forward to what you all have in store for us in November!

Scubaverse.com’s November 2017 Underwater Video Contest is now open! Enter as many as three of your underwater videos here.

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Scubaverse.com. Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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