Ocean Reef release statement regarding Thai cave rescue


Full face mask manufacturers Ocean Reef have released a statement regarding their involvement in the recent rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from a cave in Thailand:

We have heard directly from rescuers that the gear we sent out in emergency Thursday of last week was successfully used to guide the 12 kids and coach out of the cave system. Now that all kids are safe and sound, above ground and safely in the arms of family (and doctors), we want to officially thank all the rescuers, search team, support teams and professionals that had a part in this titanic effort that was far from being a simple task. They gave all of the world the relief we all were looking for. They made the impossible – possible. For this, as human beings, we will forever be grateful. The part we had – since many have asked – in all of this, is merely that of being lucky enough to be manufacturers of what was needed. We simply did what ANYONE would have done and gave our support. This is not exceptional. It should not be surprising. It is definitely NOT outstanding. What is outstanding is what we were lucky enough to witness “behind the scenes”. Not only the obvious and OUTSTANDING heroics of rescuers like Ben, Mitch, Erik (whom not only have physically carried out the effort, RISKING THEIR LIVES! – but also worked hard to get in touch with us to retrieve what they needed). Outstanding were also people such as : Jurgen, Craig, Nina, Rene, Pimonpat – people being thousands of miles from the caves – whom invested all connections, knowledge and energies they could to work things out and were worried sick for all the duration of the rescue. Outstanding such as Thanyanit who’s efforts – that none will ever know about – got the masks in Thailand through customs and in no time to the caves. Outstanding such as Benjamin, Charles, Robin, Hannah, Gate, Steve, Babur, Peia… so many who contacted us from all over the world putting us in touch with anyone they could! Some, we’re sorry we can’t mention everyone, who offered to pay for the shipment of the masks, or the masks themselves – fearing that we couldn’t send them for free and wanting to chip in and help with whatever they could! Outstanding such as Gabriele, Gianni, Paola, Marco, Fabio, Freddy, Aldo, Daniele, Francisco, Fabrizio and all who, in the company, went out of their way to ship the gear as FAST AS HUMANLY possible. Being extra careful to be sure everything was on point, talking to authorities and companies to have the gear delivered on time. Outstanding like FedEx Italy who took seriously our prayers and made all necessary efforts to make the path to Thailand smooth. Such an Amazing feature – saving those kids – was not only made possible thanks to gear and stuff (talking about ours, and what that gear was used for). It was mainly – from the huge efforts of the rescuers on site, to sending a simple email or message – possible thanks to the immense display of humanity that moved everyone in the right direction. Thank you for reading this far , but Thank you especially to the rescuers, for having relieved us from a nightmare, and for giving the Wild Boars their life back.


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