Ocean First Education Goes Global Through Exclusive Deal with SSI


logoOcean First Education has announced a new partnership with Scuba Schools International (SSI) that will provide Ocean First Education curricula to divers and other marine science enthusiasts in some 3,000 SSI locations around the world.

SSI_DEMANine Ocean First Education courses will be featured to start—Sea Turtle Ecology, The Truth about Sharks, Marine Ecology, Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, and Red Sea Fish Identification, and Natural History of Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, and Red Sea Coral. The courses will be translated into multiple languages and featured on the SSI digital Education Management System.

“We are ecstatic about this partnership with Scuba Schools International,” said Ocean First Education founder Graham Casden. “Working together, we can reach millions of divers worldwide, many of whom have already demonstrated a genuine interest in the marine environment and are yearning to learn more. We’ve been dedicated to raising the level of science education within the dive industry for nine years and we couldn’t be happier that SSI shares this vision with us. Educating divers about the marine environment and helping them recognize the threats it faces today goes straight to the heart of what we do at Ocean First.”

Casden, who has about 1,000 dives under his belt, said the nine courses were chosen because the dive community loves turtles and sharks and most divers want to learn more about what they are seeing—particularly fish identification and building awareness around how corals develop.

The Ocean First Education courses will be listed on the SSI website as non-diving specialties, meaning that anyone can engage with the curricula — certified divers, casual snorkelers or anyone interested in learning about the marine environment, whether they dive or not.

“We are thrilled by this collaboration,” said Colin Davidson, director of product development for SSI. “Learning to dive safely and providing scuba diving certifications provides the passport to the marine environment, but all divers need to understand the world they are entering. Ocean First Education’s coursework provides precisely the kind of education that will enhance the dive experience.”  Davidson added that the courses should be available through the SSI system by early June.

For more information about Ocean First Education courses, visit www.oceanfirsteducation.com/courses.

About Scuba Schools International

Since 1970, SSI has provided education materials, dive training and certification for divers, dive professionals, and dive centers and resorts around the world. With more than 30 international offices and training materials in over 30 languages, SSI certifications are globally available and accepted wherever you choose to dive. For more information, visit www.divessi.com.

About Ocean First Education

Founded in 2008 and based in Boulder, Colorado, Ocean First Education provides innovative and dynamic digital marine science curricula for K-12. Our team of educators, scientists, filmmakers, and explorers are committed to increasing awareness of marine environments and engaging students through interactive experiences. Ocean First Education is grounded in its mission to inspire our students, teachers and community to become stewards of the sea. For more information, visit www.OceanFirstEducation.com.

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