November 2016 Video Contest Winner And Review



Winner: Dive Belize by Curtis Lahr

Winning Video:

Only four entries this month but as usual, they were all of a high quality.

Let’s have a look at them:

Diving with Seals – Graeme Parker

Watch Graeme’s video here.

Hi Graeme. An excellent place to dive with seals. I like the photo beginning to the video and the drop into the water. The seal images that follow are very nice and well shot even though the visibility doesn’t look too brilliant. There was a good continuity of exposure and colour running through the video until we got to the very green shot. Best, if you are unable to grade it, is to take it out entirely as it detracts from from the rest of the video. Have a go at putting some music over it or if you can and have a go at narration to tell your audience what is going on with the Seals.

Space Oddity – Klemens Gann

Watch Klemens’ video here.

Nice concept backed up by excellent images with very emotive music. Night diving really is very special. Great video. Well done.

Night Diving in Raja Ampat – Henry Hall

Watch Henry’s video here.

Like the split screen effect. Lots of good animals in the video but a few of them were over lit and so appeared a little washed out and lacked colour and density. There were also a few shots that were out of focus and I can see why you wanted to keep them in because of the behaviour. But, they do detract from the rest of the video and should be left out. The only rare occasions to use out of focus or poor quality shots is if the action in the shot is incredibly unique and never seen before. Otherwise all well shot and nicely edited.

Dive Belize – Curtis Lahr

Very well put together film. I have seen it before, haven’t I?  It’s a good visual story of the reef with excellent images. Sharp, well framed and exposed.

And the Winner is….

Another tough decision. For me it was between Space Oddity for it’s wonderful feel and imagery and Scuba Dive Belize. Finally I had to name Scuba Dive Belize as the one. I wasn’t sure really, right up until the end of the video where the final camera move around some coral revealed a shoal of stunning fish. It was perfect and so won the day.

Looking forward to more of your entries next month.’s December 2016 Video Contest is now live! Enter here now.

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