Nitrox: 5 Situations For Every Scuba Diver To Use EANx (Watch Video)


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Nitrox. Every Scuba Diver’s best friend? We’re dispelling 4 common myths about Nitrox, and explaining what Nitrox is and why Nitrox is for every diver.

Nitrox, or EANx (Enriched Air Nitrox) is a widely mis-understood breathing gas. We wanted to demystify the ‘whats’ and the’whys’ of scuba diving Nitrox as well as to explain 5 situations in which Nitrox is best used. We’re even taking you through a Nitrox dive planning exercise to show you how Nitrox extends your No-Decompression Limit (NDL.)

What is Nitrox? What depths do divers use Nitrox? Who should use Nitrox? When should you do a Nitrox Specialty Course? We’re answering all the common questions associated with Nitrox diving. Thanks for watching, Team!

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