Nick & Caroline Robertson-Brown’s new book ‘Deadly Oceans’ now available


NickandCarolineDivers, wildlife photographers, and’s very own underwater photography editors Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown tour the world’s oceans in search of the deadliest sea creatures. Divided into four sections, Deadly Oceans covers an array of venomous and toxic marine critters such as jellyfish, sea snakes, blue-ringed octopuses, lionfish, pufferfish, stingrays and cone shells, together with apex predators such as leopard seals, orcas, crocodiles and, of course, a whole range of sharks.

From those that hunt and patrol in our open seas, those that hide and hunt on the reef, those that have a sting in the tail (and other places) and then perhaps the most deadliest of all, humankind, Deadly Oceans is packed with photographs of the deadliest sea creatures.

Each entry includes images by the photographers, together with a concise and captivating description of its deadly capabilities, along with facts such as where it can be found, making this the ideal companion for everyone from divers and armchair naturalists to schoolchildren with a morbid fascination for the world’s most dangerous creatures.

Deadly Oceans by Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown is published by Reed New Holland at £35.00, hb, and available from all good bookshops or online via or call +44 (0)1206-255777.


Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown have been diving together since 1995. Their scuba adventures have taken them to locations all around the world, but they also still love diving in their native British waters. Caroline has a BSc (Hons) in Biology and MSc in Animal Behaviour. Nick has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Biology, a DipEd in teaching and is a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society.

Caroline and Nick are both conservation driven and are involved in several charities that strive to protect our oceans.  They are both award-winning underwater photographers and work as freelance photo-journalists in the dive press and mainstream media. They run Frogfish Photography (, which is based in Manchester, UK.

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